SP Rides: The Hot Hatchback


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By Michael Kitchens

Name: Anson Lam
Age: 22
Occupation: Starbucks supervisor, student
Hobbies: Car, beach
Year/Make/Model: 2012 Volkswagen Golf 2.5L
Color: Tornado Red
Engine: Custom Cat, polished exhaust tips
Exterior: Badge-less grill, Mk5 OEM skirts, rear spoiler, roof rack, Golf R Piano black mirror caps, Euro Golf R LED taillights, BIXENON headlight conversion with fogs, Custom GTi rear valence, rolled fenders
Suspension: H&R ultra-low coilovers with 5mm spacers in rear
Wheels and Tires: Polished CCW LM5T wheels with front 18×8.5 2-inch lip and rear 18×9.5 3-inch lips. Nitto 215/40R18s all around.

The hot hatch has been around for a few decades, gaining notoriety in the United Kingdom particularly in the 1980s. Recognizable by its ample storage space and a sporty performance-minded nature, the hot hatch has become one of the best introductory vehicles to the modding scene in recent history. Among the instantly recognizable hot hatches is the Volkswagen Golf, which was unveiled to consumers in 1974.

Anson Lam was one of those who took an immediate liking to this car, picking up this Tornado Red 2012 Golf 2.5L fresh out of high school. Originally, he had no desire to modify it as his intentions were to use the car as a daily driver only. But after losing the Golf’s hubcaps one day, he realized that his ride had become too ghetto for his tastes. From that point, Anson began immersing himself in the modding scene.

Although he went through a few different sets, Anson eventually chose these spectacular CCW LM5Ts for his ride. These wheels are an easy $700-plus a pop and are fitted with 18×8.5 fronts with 2-inch lips and a rear 18×9.5, 3-inch lip setup. They’re polished to a mirror shine and are swathed in Nitto 215/40R18s all around. Anson placed 5mm spacers and rolled fenders at the rear to give the wheels an even more aggressive look.

The spectacular stance is achieved by the installation of H&R Ultra Low coilovers, which have brought the Golf a tremendous drop. Continuing the tasteful choice of mods is Anson’s selection of OEM additions such as the rear spoiler and roof rack. A custom GTi rear valance allows the custom-tipped exhaust to peak out amid the awesomeness.

Mk5 OEM side skirts have been added along with Euro Golf R LED taillights. The LEDs practically stab through the darkness and are amazing to behold. Golf R piano-black mirror caps add further touches of flair while Bixenon headlight conversion peeks out from the badgeless grill.

Anson rolls with Team Foreign Objects — a local, invitation-only crew that celebrates everything European. With potential to grow, and the expectation of a turbo-kit installation in his future, Anson looks forward to continuing his build.

Anson drives this slammed Golf practically everywhere. Whether it’s to the beach, to the University of Hawaii, or to work, this VW Golf gets him from point A to B with a modicum of style.

“I build it to stance out,” says Anson. “There’s always gonna be people who don’t like your car. It’s your car, you can do whatever you want, so do it.”