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Name: Brandon Cadavona
Age: 23
Occupation: Service Technician, Pepsi
Hobbies: Cars, raising chickens
Year, Make, Model: 1999 Acura Integra
Colors: Championship White
Engine: DC headers, AEM cold air intake, full piping exhaust, APEX exhaust tip
Exterior: JDM Type R front end, JDM Stanley side markers, Carbon hood, one piece side visors
Interior: TypeR floor mats, Carbon air bag delete, MOMO Nero steering wheel, NRG quick release, TypeR shift knob
Suspension: TypeR front upper strut bar, OMNI power full suspension, BWR subframe, BWR Lower Control Arms, Skunk2 camber arms front and rear kits
Wheels, Tires: Work Equips 01, Sickspeed three piece lugs, Federal Formoza FD2s

Brandon Cadavona is what you call a “buy and sell” enthusiast. At only 23 years old, he’s bought and sold more cars than he can count. Since he was a kid, he was into Hondas and VIP (a style of modifying Japanese luxury cars). He’s been part of Team Mansu, one of the oldest car clubs on Oahu, for six years.

When it comes to rides, Cadavona has a weird feeling when his ride becomes way too modified, which prompts him to sell it and start over.  He definitely has the modding bug so the fact that he intends to keep this 1999 Acura Integra may come as a surprise.

“It’s my dream car … it’s a four-door GSR with a JDM Type R front end,” explained Cadavona. With the imported good looks of the Type R, this car is lathered in a beautiful version of Championship White, which is also a Type R mainstay. JDM Stanley side markers have been installed and underneath all that white is a carbon fiber hood which goes well with the one piece side visors over the windows.

The engine has been mildly modified with all the bolt-ons to give this 1.8L 4-cylinder some additional horses over the stock 170HP. These include an AEM cold air intake, DC headers that mate to a full piping exhaust and ending in an APEX exhaust tip.

The undercarriage is beautiful and features many choice suspension components. Cadavona runs a static setup, so he’s constantly dodging Hawaii’s mean streets. It takes guts, but he hasn’t a problem as he’s been running low ever since he was in his teens. OMNI Power provides a full suspension setup while BWR contributes a shiny subframe and lower control arms. Skunk2 camber arms for the front and rear are also included.

The resulting look is all about stance with the rear wheels being of special note. The expensive and hard-to-source Work Equips fit snugly with the Federal Formoza FD2s stretched for that wicked look. Sickspeed three piece lugs take the place of the standards and give the wheel extra detail. Overall, the Equips are beautiful, shiny chrome and are well taken care of.

The interior has had a Type R treatment with the addition of floor mats and a Championship Whit shift knob. The airbag has been removed and, in its place, sits a MOMO steering wheel mated to an NRG quick release hub.

From a young age, Cadavona has always enjoyed cars. As a kid, he could only dream, but with time and perseverance he’s slowly overcome hardships to build his ride the way he wants it. It’s his belief that you have to work hard to get what you want. The end result is worth it all.