SP Rides: It’s Always ‘Sunny’ Here


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Year, make, model: 1992 Nissan Sunny
Owner: Kalae Sylva
Age: 25
Occupation: Tattoos, hair stylist, mechanic
Hobbies: Cars
Color: Midnight Blue with Gold Wrap
Exterior: 1971 front end, front and rear bumpers, sticker-bombed and vinyl emblazoned, custom gas cover, surf racks, steel feelers, custom front lip spoiler, rear window bars
Interior: Gold and white steering wheel, kabuki mask, sticker-bombed interior, OEM add-on AC, Ninja sword stick shift with custom boot, “Oh @#$!” handles, Pioneer deck with 8-inch subwoofer
Suspension: Custom front coil-overs with rear 4-inch drop blocks
Wheels/tires: 15-inch STR racing wheels

Kalae Sylva’s little brother is named Sunny. He also happens to own a collection of classic Datsuns. He’s also always wanted a Nissan Sunny from Japan.  Suffice to say, opportunity knocked and in one swift and smooth motion, this right-hand drive 1992 Nissan Sunny was on a boat from the Land of the Rising Sun.  Wham. He had himself a truck.

Also known as a Datsun Sunny, Sylva had already seen that it was possible to swap out the front to an earlier model so he spliced and diced a 1971 front end to this truck as soon as it arrived upon our shores — making it stand out all the more.

Afterwards, with no torsion in the front, a custom suspension was added with coil-overs to the front while 4-inch drop blocks were added to the rear. The result is a slammed ride that provided a quick and easy modification that got the truck looking in the right zone.

Afterwards came the gold wrapping which was a direct result of the wheels he had. Knowing that the super-shiny gold 15-inch STR Racing wheels looked absolutely amazing on the truck, Sylva felt that the black and gold motif was unique while remaining wild at the same time. To carry on that look and feel, Sylva took to wrapping various body components including the bumpers, front lip spoiler, grill, and mirrors.

Obviously, Sylva’s lstyle is about making a statement, and this truck has it in spades. The custom aftermarket front and rear bumpers have been wrapped in gold foil. Various emblems and logos are spread liberally throughout the ride, while the hood features a gold-leafed geisha getting her fan on.

In addition, the interior and various other components like the roof rack have been sticker-bombed with aplomb. The interior is obviously decorated with love and splendor. It features an aftermarket deck paired with an 8-inch subwoofer, as well as the white and gold-plated steering wheel. A kabuki mask sits among the interior and provides a bit of Japanese flair.

Of special note is the true Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) status appointed by the right-hand drive layout. Being directly from Japan, this is the real deal through and through — hence the name emblazoned on his plates.

Obviously, this truck stands out — much like Sylva who is one of the more tattooed individuals I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing.  However, that’s what he likes about it — he can always change them. He can tattoo them, and if it doesn’t work, he can redo the look at any time. This is only the first iteration of its visual splendor. In the end, this truck is an extension of himself.