SP Rides: Just the Beginning


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Year, make, model: 2007 Honda Civic Si
Owner: Mark Ubasa
Age: 28
Occupation: Housekeeping
Hobbies: Cars
Color: Diamond White wrap with black inserts
Engine: Bolt-ons
Exterior: Full body wrap, full body kit including front, side skirts and rear bumper, Top1 Motors front splitter and lower side splitters, Mugen wing spoiler
Interior: Junction Produce Fusa knot, 132 adjustable height shift knob 
Suspension: Tein coilover suspension, rear camber kit
Wheels and tires: 17-by-9.5 Enkei wheels plus 22 offset, Dunlop tires

The Honda Civic Si — for a time, the Honda Civic was “the car” in the import industry. It practically led the charge during the early Fast and Furious days. The word versatile is a given and when coupled with its affordable nature, decent gas mileage and the gigantic aftermarket potential, it’s no wonder why it’s still popular among today’s import enthusiasts.

Take this 2007 Honda Civic Si owned by Mark Ubasa.  It’s well done, tasteful, and although not intensely modified, what it has is more than enough to turn some heads.

Obviously, the exterior is where it counts with this clean example — the classic panda look is in full effect here. Originally, this car rode in all OEM black until Ubasa, with the help of Enzo Autowrap, decided to take it to the next level with a glorious Diamond White vinyl wrap. This wrap is practically scintillating, which is our word of the day when it comes to the sexiness oozing off this ride’s sleek contours.

The hood, roof, door handles and rear wing have been further accented with a black wrap to help keep it from being overblown.  The end result is simply attractive, no matter which angle you look at it from.

The body has been augmented with a full kit, from the front bumper to the side skirts to the rear. Top1 Motors adds even more spice, thanks to the front and side splitters.  Coming back to the wing, it’s a choice Mugen piece sourced directly from Japan.

All of this rides squarely on a complete Tein coil-over suspension featuring a rear camber kit to keep the wheels at the perfect angle.  The 17-by-9.5 Enkei wheels are tucked under this static setup with a plus 22 offset to get the perfect look.  Even at 17, the look works and fits perfectly.

Visible from the front window is the requisite Junction Produce Fusa knot. This commonly seen symbol represents that everything goes in a cycle — where there’s never a start or end point and this represents good tidings. That’s obviously in full effect here, and the swank shifter is definitely down to bring some good shifts. The adjustable height shift knob is unique and a conversation piece.  Apparently, it works, too.

Like most enthusiasts, modifying is a constant, never-ending thing and for Ubasa, this ride is just the beginning of things to come. He’s got some performance modifications under the hood, too, including all the bolt-ons, but there’s more on the way.  His next set of modifications also includes some gorgeous red seats to replace the interior setup, but for now, this ride is pretty much perfection.

This car really is about inspiration. From Ubasa’s point of view, he sees what others have done before him, including his friends and those out there in the scene. It’s inspiring and that’s why this ride is just the beginning.