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Name: Akoni Arnold
Age: 32
Occupation: ABM Parking Services
Hobbies: Cars, hot wheels
Year/Make/Model: 2012 Hyundai Genesis R Spec
Color: Bathurst Black
Engine Mods: Carbon Fiber air scoop from import shark, Custom air intake, Custom painted engine covers, HKS SQV3 blow off valve, R-Spec front tower strut bar, Red top Optima battery, Twin mill exhaust from Rad Motorsports
Exterior: Sarona grill, Ark Carbon Fiber lip, Carbon Fiber hood, Chargespeed Carbon Fiber roof fins, Carbon Fiber rear diffuser, M&S rear spoiler, Diode Dynamics LED underglow
Interior: Full Custom R-Spec interior, Luxor diamond shift knob, Broadway rear view mirror, Custom Batman inspired center console
Suspension: Airrex Custom Suspension
Wheels, Tires, and Brakes:  1out of 500 special edition Rays CE28n at 19×9.5 +22 (front) – 19×10.5 +22 (rear), Falken FK 453 235/35/19 (front) – 275/30/19 (rear), Brembo 4 piston brakes, Rays lug nut, Rays valve stem cover.
In 1997, Akoni Arnold acquired his driver’s license and commenced his first steps into being an automotive enthusiast.   Granted, he didn’t start out top of the line, but his motto has always been to make “lemonade out of lemons”.

He’s has a few cars over the years, most notably a handed down 1992 VW Vanagon which he dropped and ICE’d up.  After college, he progressed to a rare 1992 Legend which was Acura’s first luxury Japanese sedan in the US. In 2008, his well modded JDM Civic was featured in Speed Channel’s Hot Import Nights series.

Eventually, he began to tire of dealing with the everyday hassle of dealing with a heavily modded Civic. “I just can’t enjoy having a weekend warrior. The car needs to be a daily driver.” says Akoni.

While on the lookout for a new ride, he had never considered driving a Hyundai.  Once seen, the sleek, sexy design of the 2012 Hyundai Genesis enticed him like nothing else on the market at the time.  He also opted for the R Spec version which is essentially Hyundai’s track trim model featuring everything you want to go faster with and nothing you don’t.

The exterior features some great additions to the car’s original styling.  The front features a thick Ark carbon fiber lip, a Sarona grill, and a carbon fiber hood and gas cover to add a stealthy look to the car.  The rear includes a choice carbon fiber rear diffuser, an M&S rear spoiler and a Chargespeed carbon fiber roof fin to help manage downforce.  At night, the car lights up thanks to Diode Dynamics LED underglow all around.

Akoni has kept the modifications sensible when it comes to the engine.  Rad Motorsports upped the boost while the engine features a carbon fiber Import Shark air scoop, a custom K&N air intake, and an HKS SQV3 blow off valve help give the turbo four some pep.  The engine bay is set off by custom painted engine covers, a red top Optima battery, and an R Spec front tower bar.  Rad also added a custom twin mill exhaust for additional power.

The car rides low and tight on a custom Airrex suspension install from Marshall Lum.  This system, seen before in many Street Pulse rides, allows the car to be lowered at will over the stunning special edition Rays CE28n wheels.  These are set at 19×9.5 in the front and 19×10.5 in the rear with a +22 offset all around.  They’re wrapped in Falken FK 453 tires.

Akoni is a huge Batman fan and the center console within his interior features a fantastic custom-wrapped motif featuring the Batman Beyond character.  When matched with the R-Spec interior and Luxor diamond shift knob it’s just enough to enjoy while cruising.  The trunk is filled with the Airrex custom control box.

Akoni is the President of Team Hyundai Hawaii, a relatively young club that now stands at twenty six members strong.  Combined with his ride and his fellow enthusiasts, he’s here to represent the new KDM flavor.  It’s KDM yo!