SP Rides: Lay & Play


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By Michael Kitchens

Ronald Shidaki Jr., better known as “Daki”, is already on the fast track to lowrider heaven.  Although only in the scene for three to four years, Ronald has fully integrated himself into the community.  To put in another way, Ronald doesn’t play around when it comes to customizing his rides.  At only 25 years of age, he is a humble sort of guy that pays to play and believes that quality is important.

You may recognize this 1975 Caprice Classic Convertible from J.Boog’s “Let’s Do It Again” music video…the one with all the island hotties all over it.  From the way this car looks, it definitely deserves the attention.  Originally owned by “Q” from USO, Ronald acquired the car and proceeded to improve upon this already gorgeous ride with some choice modifications.

Upon receipt, Ronald and the crew at Bill’s Chop Shop got to work replacing the older soft-top with a new black stay-fast top.  Upon completion, they then did a partial reinforcement on the rear in preparation for the Black Magic hydraulics.  This involves welding quarter-inch steel plates onto the stress points of the frame and body.  In addition, they installed all of the hydraulic components, such as the cylinders, into the front and rear.  This ride is designed to “Lay & Play”…not serious competition hopping, but just enough to show off and still cruise comfortably.

The car is lathered in a white clear-coat and features stunning, gold-flaked pin-striping by the infamous, Mike Quering aka DJ Wish.  This guy really gets around.  Each pin-striper has their own unique and recognizable style and Mike’s unique flourishes really set the car apart.

One of the most distinctive features on a lowrider are the rims.  This ride features a very choice set of all gold, 13” Dayton Rims.  These babies pop, are super clean, and really add another dimension to the already impressive exterior.

The trunk is all polished steel and aluminum with fittings and the various pumps filling the trunk in a diverse display of custom components.  It also features a 12-inch RE subwoofer in a custom enclosure.  “When I’m driving, it doesn’t sound loud, but apparently everyone else can hear it.” says Ronald.

For most modding enthusiasts, their babies don’t stay the same for long, and Ronald is no different.  He has plans to redo the entire car from scratch including the exterior, interior, engine, and hydraulics system.  “Everything is coming apart.” says Ronald.  Personally, I’m starting to realize that the majority of my photos are simply snapshots in time when it comes to these rides.  A year later, they could look totally different.

The Outsider crew took the time to show me their club plaque and explain the symbolism behind it.  The plaque represents not only their club name, but the club itself, and is considered a representation of family, respect, and the camaraderie that holds the club together.  To disrespect the plaque is to disrespect the entire club.  That’s a definite no-no.

Ronald only recently entered the world of lowriders, but seems to enjoy it with a passion.  It appeals to his senses and enjoys the amount of expression the scene allows.  “A lowrider, you can go all out, there are no limits.”  I like the sound of that.