SP Rides: Low Aspect STi


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By Michael Kitchens

Owner: Katy Martin
Age: 17
Occupation: Horse Groom & Rider
Hobbies: Cars & Horses
Year, Make, Model: 2008 Subaru STi
Color: Alpine White
Engine: Greddy BoV, Perrin Catback Exhaust, Engine Tune by 555 Motorsports
Exterior: RavSpec Front Lip, Side-skirts, Rear Wing. Perrin Antenna.
Interior:  Junction Produce accents including Headrests, Backrests, Pillows, and Hello Kitty details
Suspension: Megan Street Series Coilovers, Lower Control Arms, Toe Control Arms, Cusco Rear Trailing Arms, Tanabe Strut bar
Wheels & Tires: 18×11 Kranze BAZREIA wheels, +20 offset all around, 255/35R18 Dunlop Direzzas

Born and raised in Kailua, Katy Martin has a thing for horses and horsepower.  While working at a private ranch as a horse trainer and groomer, she spends her nights cruising in this stanced-out 2008 Subaru STi. Katy started out modifying with a Honda Civic…one of the most common entry cars for the import scene.  As fun as the little car was, it wasn’t long before she yearned for something a bit nicer with more built-in potential to be different.

With the Subaru in her possession, Katy enlisted the help of her boyfriend and together they began planning the build for the car.  One of her core beliefs regarding the modification was to concentrate on improving aspects that she could use in a meaningful way in the here and now.

First off was the style of the car…although known more commonly as a rally car in street spec form, Katy took a different route with a combination of performance and VIP.  Katy’s ride features a choice selection of RavSpec carbon fiber components including a front lip, side-skirts and rear wing.   The exterior is complimented by a full-on VIP interior consisting of Junction Produce accents.  These components include fluffy stuffed JP pillows, headrests, and fluffy pillows.  The requisite JP pretzel is here as well as some cute Hello Kitty “Oh @#$!” handles in the rear.

“I’m really big into the little touches.” says Katy.  She’s telling the truth as the entire car is set off by these add-on details which help to add a feminine feel.

One look at the car and you can see that it is slammed with a very mean stance courtesy of 18×11 Kranze BAZREIA wheels with a plus 20 offset all around.  After contacting WEDS, they were able to achieve a staggered effect by playing with the lip/disc sizes.  255/35R18 Dunlop Direzzas cover the gorgeous wheels in super sticky rubber.

The 2008 Subaru STi already comes with over 300HP stock from the factory…with no track, Katy felt that upping the horsepower would change little in her everyday driving environment.  The car has a street tune courtesy of Matt Cater of 555 Motorsports along with some minor modifications like a Perrin catback and a Greddy BoV.

The suspension, however, is a totally different matter.  Not content to bag the car, Katy absolutely loves the feeling of hugging the roads with a bevy of suspension modifications.  Megan Street Series Coilovers with 10k spring rates set to full hard.  Megan lower control arms, toe control arms, and CUSCO rear trailing arms have been added in addition to a Tanabe strut bar.  These mods really help to add a distinctive increase in the handling department.

“I have more engine performance than I can use…so suspension performance is something I can do without feeling that its pointless.” says Katy.

Katy rides with a young club called Low Aspects that concentrates on stance.  It’s clearly evident that she has plenty of it.  She feels the car goes against the typical stereotype, but looks sick just the same.

“Don’t let anyone tell you what to do with your own vehicle…have fun with it” she says.