SP Rides: Midnight Fighter.


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By Michael Kitchens

With the eve of StreetPulse’s one-year anniversary soon upon us, I yearned to do something special for this issue. One of my fondest memories of car memorabilia was the infamous Lamborghini Countach poster on the wall of my room. It was a work of automotive art that evoked strong emotions of appreciation and even envy. Sitting just under that poster was a Grumman F-14 Tomcat, known for its Top Gun role and its deadly coolness. Fast forward to 2013, and I have to ask, how much more awesome can you get than a fighter jet and a menacing Italian exotic, combined in one photo?

Oahu has a place that is fast becoming one of the most amazing aviation museums in the world — the Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor. Nestled snugly in-between the former runways and shores of Ford Island, it’s a living history of the Pacific Theater and the museum gladly offered it’s fantastic collection of aircraft as a backdrop for this exotic shoot.

Exotic is pretty much the word; you can hear this 2004 Lamborghini Gallardo from Auto Customs rumbling before you even see it. In fact, the entrance was pretty epic as it growled past a sea of tourists with their jaws agape, only to pull up and park right next to a Northrop F-5. It was a simply stunning sight to behold: the gorgeous steel skin of the F-5 and the lustrous silver sheen of the Lamborghini resting side by side. I have to admit, I was in heaven.

This isn’t an-off the rack Lambo, either. It’s been heavily modified, primarily by Auto Customs for its owner who wishes to remain nameless for this article. It’s a strange situation: on one-hand, you have this incredible car that screams, “Look at me!” and on the other, you have an owner who prefers to avoid the limelight and instead, thank the people who made this car the monster it is. He throws out props to Jubahl, Jeff and Jon of Auto Customs and his car club, Midnight.

The owner’s goal for the build was to remain classy and understated while still being aggressive.  He’s always been specific about his builds, meticulously planning and purchasing the parts, and going so far as to obtain prototype pieces.

Exterior-wise, the modifications are minimal and feature the LP-560-style front carbon fiber front splitter, the clear engine bonnet, and the gorgeous bright yellow brakes that sit behind the enormous 20-inch Matte Black Volk Racing G2 Wheels. Fitted with Continental ContiSportContact 3 Tires, the wheels literally devour the light as if there was a great void between the fender wells.

Performance-wise, the car runs in a perfect harmony of suspension work, modified engine and transmission components. The engine is fitted with several components, including BMC air filters, various Fabspeed parts and a CNS Racing ECU Tune. Power is driven to the rear wheels by a prototype Auto Talent carbon fiber driveshaft. It’s quite amazing to see the monstrous V-10 sitting underneath the clear bonnet.

In addition to power and good looks, the exotic features an interior that has been modified with LP-560 style black leather, with silver piping and stitching by 714 Motoring. Sounds are blasted through a full audio setup including a Kenwood Excelon head unit and a JL Audio 8-inch subwoofer.

All in all, this was an incredible shoot with an owner who came across as very humble. He’s been a part of the automotive hierarchy through the years, beginning with Civics and progressing through the ranks as he worked hard to acquire his dream car. He’s still pushing forward as well, although this Lamborghini is actually up for sale through Auto Customs as the owner sets his sights on another sweet ride.

But after this shoot, with the epic backdrop of the Pacific Aviation Museum, I think this Lamborghini is going to be hard to beat.


Owner: The Nameless
Age: 35
Hobbies:  Basketball, playing with my girlfriend’s son
Occupation: SEO and SEM Specialist
Year/Make/Model:  2004 Lamborghini Gallardo
Color: Grigio Altair Metallic
Exterior: RSC Tuning LP-560 Style Front Bumper w/ Carbon Fiber Front Splitter and OEM Front Grills; RSC Tuning Smoked Front Bumper Lenses; 6,000k HID Headlight Bulbs; Jet-Hot Coated Matte Black Exhaust Tips
Interior: 2012 OEM LP-560 Steering Wheel and Airba; LP-560 Style Black Leather w/ Silver Piping and Stitching by 714 Motoring
Wheels: 20-Inch Custom Made Matte Black Volk Racing G2 Wheels w/ Continental ContiSportContact3 Tires
Brakes: OEM Lamborghini Yellow Brake Calipers; Girodisc Front & Rear 2-Piece Floating Brake Rotors and Race Brake Pads; Castrol SRF Racing Brake Fluid
Engine: BMC Air Filters; Fabspeed Carbon Airboxes w/ Red Silicone Hoses; Fabspeed Cat-Bypass Pipes; Fabspeed Secondary Valve Pypass Pipes; Quiksilver Muffler Bypass Pipes; Auto Talent Custom Carbon Fiber 1-Piece Driveshaft; Auto Talent Bored Throttle Bodies; CNS Racing ECU Tune
ICE: Kenwood Excelon Dual-DIN Touch Screen DVD Head Unit w/ Navigation and Rear View Camera; Focal 5-1/4 Separates; Audison 3-Channel Amplifier; JL Audio 8-Inch Subwoofer; Optima Red Top Battery