SP Rides: My Monster


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By Michael Kitchens

When David Rosado was around twelve years old, a friend’s brother took him to school in a 67′ Chevelle.  As he rode to school in the rumbling domestic, he thought to himself “When I grow up I’m going to get a car like this…”.

David didn’t wait till he was grown up to own one.  Three years later he purchased this 1967 Chevy Chevelle Malibu after convincing his mother to help him.  It was a hard sell to his mother as David’s older brother had died in a tragic car accident a year earlier.

“As soon as my mom heard it, she said no.  But I spoke to her and convinced her.” says David.  He picked it up for $1800 from used car lot and the car has been with him ever since.

“2 wives, 1 car” says David.  I couldn’t help but laugh at that.

In the forty-three years that he’s owned the vehicle, it has been through a number of changes.  He’s been through two engines after learning some hard lessons about physics.  In 1978, he added the hopped -up front axle along with other various bits and pieces and spent the majority of the time just cruising around town.

David put the Chevelle away for twenty-three years as he played with other rides like a built 73′ Nova.  Although in storage, it was never out of mind, and he periodically maintained the ride.   He found it difficult to pull the car out of storage due to a myriad number of reasons, some tragic, that kept delaying its reincarnation.

Finally, in 2010, David was able to unwrap this beauty and pay it the attention it deserved.    He re-installed the gorgeous recently chromed axle and sent the ride off for paint to Tom’s Independent Auto Body.  The car was lathered in Tahoe Turquoise which seems to have a color-change quality to it depending on how the light hits it. It’s a fantastic color.

During its hibernation, David had amassed a number of parts that he immediately put to use.  David installed a 4-bolt main 396 engine, punched 30 over to make it a 402.  It features a 585 lift Competition Cam, 11:1 TRW pistons, an old school Edelbrock Torker manifold, MSD Ignition & Rev Limiter, and 850 Double Pump Holly Carburetors. To and owning the motor since 1975, he completed a total overhaul on the motor with an end result of around 550HP.

Interior-wise, he installed a Hurst Competition Plus shifter as well as a new gauge cluster with a Grant steering wheel.  The front seats, arm rests, and head liners were re-upholstered.  The rear-end features steel axles and a 12-bolt 456 rear end with traction bars.  Power is applied to the tarmac with 15×8 & 15×10 Centerlines fitted with Mickey Thompson Drag Radials.

Although every so often he considers selling the car, David has owned it too long to take the idea seriously.  He would love to have a drag strip to burn rubber, but for now he’s content with attending cruise nights and hanging out with old friends on those cool, summer nights.