SP Rides: Not Your Daddy’s Pickup Truck


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Name:  Darren Nishimura
Age: 43
Occupation: Overnight Warehouse
Hobbies: Classics and Hot Rods, family
Year/Make/Model: 1972 Chevrolet C10
Color: Viper Orange
Engine/Drivetrain: 1970s 350 V8 out of a Camaro, Flowtech Headers, Edelbrock tall chrome valve covers, Dual Flowmasters 10 series exhaust, Custom air cleaner done by K&K Kistomz New York, 3-speed automatic, turbo 400 transmission, 12-bolt rear end
Exterior: Painted gloss black Billet grille, LED tail lights, Peep view mirrors, Reupholstered seats
Interior: Grant GT steering wheel, Sunpro aftermarket gauges
Suspension: Airmaxx Air Suspension System, 2-inch drop spindles
Wheels: 22-inch wheels painted gloss black on Low profile rubber

For decades, the Chevrolet C series line of trucks was known as GMC’s workhorse. Introduced in 1960, the series featured full-size RWD taskmasters that ranged in tonnage and were designed for different workloads.

Take this 1972 Chevrolet C10, for example. It’s been repurposed into many roles during its lifetime, including serving as a race truck. Now, the truck’s sole mission is to turn heads and break necks as it rolls by. Its owner, Darren Nishimura, actually loves trucks of all types — Toyotas, Fords, Chevys, and even those that are bagged and slammed. A forever fan of the C10, he’s had two fall into his lap, including this week’s stunning ride, which came from Rev’s Garage in Kapolei. Although the C10 was already in decent condition, Nishimura took the opportunity to fix a few things while revamping others.

Of obvious notice is Nishimura’s decision to add the blinding Viper Orange paint that covers the strong lines of the original body. The body is clean and straight, which is definitely a strong point in what was formerly a work truck. Featuring gently flowing lines, the stock mirrors have been replaced with Peep versions, which are much smaller in profile. The hood has been replaced with a cowl induction type while the various side markers have been refreshed. Both head and taillights have been replaced and the new chrome grill has been blacked out. In the end, this exterior looks extremely clean and blindingly bright.

The interior is also impeccably clean with the original dash surrounded by upgraded components such as the Grant GT steering wheel and the reupholstered seats. New Sunpro gauges have also been installed to replace the aging OEM versions.

The engine in this bad boy, a 350 V8, is taken from a 1970s Camaro. It’s been enhanced with Edelbrock chrome valve covers, all-new electronics and ignition wiring, and is mated with Flowtech headers down to dual Flowmasters 10 series exhausts that flare out at the sides of the truck. The turbo 400 transmission is no joke, and this running gear is well suited for power, thanks to its 3-speed automatic and 12-bolt rear end. This truck can put it down if necessary with a stomp of the pedal.

In the 1970s, you would never see a C10 dropped this low to the pavement, so Nishimura took the initiative to make this a reality by adding Airmaxxx Bags done by Abenes Garage. A blacked-out air tank was installed in the coated truck bed along with two Airmaxxx 48c compressors and additional hardware, while 2-inch drop spindles were installed to help with the low-low. The OEM fender wheels fit perfectly while being slammed over 22-inch wheels painted gloss black and riding on low-profile rubber.

Although Nishimura still has further plans for this truck, including a pumping sound system, he’s content with the build thus far. He’s discovered a heavy inspiration in this revamp, and he plans on making this truck live up to its full potential.

“Time is short — you only live once,” Nishimura said. “I’m going to live life to the fullest with my family.”