SP Rides: On the ‘Right’ Track


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Name: Darion Rotolo
Age: 22
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Hobbies: Drift cars, racing, fabrication
Year, Make, Model: 1992 Nissan Skyline GTS-T
Color: Sapphire Blue
Engine: RB20DET Inline 6, Greddy cold air intake
Exterior: Vinyl wrapped exterior in Sapphire Blue, fiberglass GT-R spec vented hood, rolled fenders, aftermarket sideskirts
Interior: Recaro racing seats with racing harness, Momo steering wheel, aftermarket pedals
Suspension: Full Megan Racing adjustable coilovers, Circuit Sports front tension rods
Wheels, Brakes, Tires: Work VSXX wheels built by VR Wheels in 18-by-9.5 +17 all around, 24k gold hardware, Skyline GT-R brake conversion, Dunlop 245/40R 18s all around

Since the late ‘90s, the Skyline has been known as the stuff of dreams thanks to games such as Gran Turismo. For Darion Rotolo, importing this JDM spec Skyline GTS-T was a chance to be both unique and different. And thanks to a 25-year grandfather clause, he was able to do just that.

Although not the legendary GT-R model, this 1992 Nissan is perfect to serve as the foundation for whatever the owner chooses it to be. Believe it or not, most enthusiasts prefer RWD for both racing and drifting over the AWD that comes standard in such models and Rotolo jumped at the chance to fly this baby over 4,000 miles for the opportunity.

The engine is the standard RB20DET Inline 6, which although a bit long in the tooth is more than potent and quite comparable to the SR20DET that most use in big HP builds for the 240s. Mated to a 5-speed transmission, it’s been given some slight power modification thanks to a Greddy cold air intake, but otherwise remains untouched and pristine.

The body, however, is another story altogether. This sweet import originally came in a gloss black that has been given a total makeover thanks to a complete vinyl wrap in Sapphire Blue. A GT-R spec fiberglass vented hood helps to show off the lustrous complexion while aftermarket sideskirts help stretch the body. 

This turbo model doesn’t sit stock. It has been modified for a lower, more aggressive handling package thanks to a full Megan Racing adjustable coilover setup featuring Circuit Sports front tension rods. The rolled fenders allow the pitch-black Work VSXX wheels built by VR Wheels to really shine with their 18-inch goodness. Plus, 24k gold hardware add a touch of luxury to what is essentially an already sweet setup. Peaking behind all this luxury is a full Skyline GT-R brake conversion.

One of the delights of this ride is sitting in the right-handed, sparse interior of a true imported JDM beast. The driver’s seat was replaced from Japan with a Recaro racing seat and red racing harness. The pedals have been swapped for some custom models, while the steering wheel has been replaced by a Momo Edition racing version.

Although light on mods, this ride is truly unique. For Rotolo and his crew, being able to enjoy and appreciate what the Japanese car builders had to offer in the late ‘90s is worth the price of investment.  As a young guy in his 20s — who wasn’t even born when this ride came out — it’s quite a trip to appreciate such a gem in person.