SP Rides: A Power-charged Mustang


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Name: Shane Voss
Age: 26
Occupation: Navy
Hobbies: Cars, football
Year/Make/Model: 2003 Mustang Cobra
Color: Sonic Blue
Build Time: On-going
ENGINE/TRANS: 3.4 Whipple, Granetelli MAF, JLT Blue carbon fiber RAI, 3.8 Reichard Racing whipple pulley with LFP 90mm idlers and 100mm Snub idler, stock long block, Fluidyne radiator, LFP Dual Pass heat exchanger, Lethal Performance intercooler tank, Moroso aluminum coolant tank, Moroso aluminum power steering tank, X-Cal 2 tuner tuned by DASH808(SCT), Steeda firewall adjuster, M/M clutch quadrant, PRW flywheel, custom McCleod clutch, D&D 26 spline input shaft, aluminum driveshaft, and Loli-pop blue custom powder coating
FUEL SYSTEM: Return style set up, Magna fuel 625 pump, Areomotive rail, regulator, and filters; 1993 Mustang tank, and Injector Dynamics 1000cc fuel injectors
EXHAUST: Mac long tubes, Bassani x pipe w/cat delete pipes (also have high-flow cats), and Bassani cat-back
SRA: Built SN95 8.8, welded tubes, 31 spline Auburn Pro diff, Yukon 31 Spline axles, 3-inch Strange studs, Mega bite lower control, Granatelli uppers, SN95/New Edge brakes, Mach 1 springs in rear, Eibach in front, and Blistein Shocks/struts
INTERIOR: Corbeau GTS2 seats, Corbeau 5-point harnesses, S&W 8-point cage, rear seat delete, Autometer Cobalt Series A/F, boost and volt gauges Pioneer deck, Pioneer 6x8s, and 4channel amp
TIRES/RIMS: Factor front 17x9s wrapped w/NEXENS, and aftermarket 17×10.5s wrapped w/Sumitomos HTRZ
EXTRAS: Functioning Cowl hood, tinted windows 35 percent, Clifford 2-way 1 mile alarm system, and LED interior lights

From the young age of 6, Shane Voss has been working on cars. His grandfather had an eclectic collection of vehicles that he tooled around with — among them, an old Ford pickup, a Cougar and an MG Midget. Although Shane’s first ride was a 1990 Celica ST, he has always had a love for Mustangs.

Fast forward 20 years and Shane now breaks pavement with a 2003 Mustang Cobra — a SVT Terminator, to be exact. This thing packs a punch and Shane isn’t afraid of driving some heavy metal. In fact, he’s driven a submarine in the Navy, so he knows what direction he wants to go. While in Guam, Shane found the car on the Mustang forums and liked it so much he had it shipped from Virginia all the way back to Hawaii. Although not exclusively rare, the ride is still a limited edition.

“I just wanted it,” he says. “They’re hard to find and the Sonic Blue even less so.”

This Mustang has been an on-going project with no signs of stopping anytime soon. Apparently, Shane likes power — lots of it. The Terminator features the most current 3.4-liter Whipple supercharger along with a full fuel system to provide reliable delivery. It also sports 1,000cc Injector Dynamics fuel injectors, a Magna 625 fuel pump, Areomotive rail, regulator and filters as well as a sump tank from a 1993 Mustang.

The engine is highly modified and comes with a Granetelli MAF sensor, JLT blue carbon fiber ram air intake as well as a 3.8 Reichard Racing whipple pulley. The entire cooling system has been upgraded extensively with a selection of parts that includes a Fluidyne radiator and an LFP dual pass heat exchanger. The tune is with an X-Cal 2 Tuner done up by DASH808 (SCT).

To put the power to the ground, the entire drivetrain has been modified. A custom McCleod clutch leads off a PRW flywheel with a D&D spline input shaft, while an all-aluminum driveshaft connects the heart of the beast to its drive wheels. The current setup has an 8.8 Ford rear end with a 31 spline Auburn Pro diff and Yukon 31 spline axles. Interestingly, Shane is currently building a pure race rear end version for his ride.

The exterior and interior have been treated right with a bevy of mods including Corbeau GTS2 Seats and harnesses. Keeping it all together is an S&W 8-point roll cage with a rear seat delete for weight savings. The look of the car has been kept minimal, but a majority of parts on the inside and outside of the car have been color matched thanks to some fantastic powder coating by Mekala Power Coating in Kapolei. Of special note is the large fully functional cowl induction hood.

The suspension is mildly modified with Mach 1 spring in the rear, Eibach in front, with Bilstein shocks and struts. Peeking out from under the wheel wells are chromed cobra 17×9 wheels wrapped in Nexens and massive 17×10.5s wrapped in Sumitomo HTR-35Zs.

This Cobra is done with serious execution and fits its name to a T. Shane would like to give props to his close friends, Evan and Steve, as well as Hawaii Performance Mustangs for its assistance in making this ride possible.