SP Rides: Ripping It Up!


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By Michael Kitchens

Born and raised in Hawaii, William Patinio’s family were car fanatics.  At the time, everyone in his family had a car, so from the age of 12 he had a natural inclination towards the automotive addiction we all love.  His first car was just so happened to be a 1966 Chevrolet Nova four-door that he bought for $100.

“I just seen it for sale, and bought it.  Ever since then I’ve always liked Chevy II Novas.” says William.  That’s a fact, and since that time he’s owned four different Novas.  He eventually sold his first Nova along with is other rides and became a dedicated family man.

William spent several long years away from the classic car scene before his re-introduction.  And what better way to begin anew than with the car that sparked his interest which was another fantastic 1966 Chevy II Nova.  He happened to see it on the side of the road near Pearl Ridge and the urge took him.  When he did get back into cars, he re-connected with people he hadn’t seen for over 20 years.  They never left and he was treated to a homecoming of a sort.

After blowing the motor doing burnouts at Sandy Beach, William set out to rebuild and recondition the car.  He started with a 355 Chevy motor that he sent to Snyder’s Machine Works for a good soak and inspection. In addition to re-doing the heads with all new valve springs, even more performance parts have been added on including a Edelbrock Tunnel Ram, a 452 Carburetor on top and 510 lift Comp Cam.  William took the time to hand polish practically every piece in the engine bay and it certainly shows.  It’s pretty, but don’t let that fool you as this ride pumps out around 400 horsepower.  This car definitely has it where it counts.

With that much power on tap, William then focused on the drivetrain.  The rear end was shortened and strengthened with a 12 bolt, known as the strongest passenger-vehicle rear end Chevy ever produced.  The 12-bolt was actually for a Camaro, so he cut it down by 4 inches, re-did the power lock unit, and then added steel axles with c-clip eliminators to hold it together.  The car rides on Weld Racing covered with Ultra Metric 195/86R15s in the front with  Eagle 295/50R15s in the rear.

“I get down on the car at times, so I wanted it strong so that it will last.” he says.

The exhaust system features an electrical cut-out which allows him to uncap the car with a push of a button.  Mated to Flowmaster dual mufflers, the car puts out a mean growl.

With power to pound, William then took care of the looks.  Exterior wise, the body is as he found it, but with a little polish and brand new chrome.  It does feature a trick hood cut and fabricated by William to fit the monster ram and carburetor.  The interior features Autometer gauges, a Grant GT steering wheel and some custom switches.  The battery has been relocated to the trunk, in addition to some hidden audio to pump out the sounds.

“I wanted a car I could drive every day and run every day.” says William.  The man isn’t kidding, and you can find him out there on the baked asphalt ripping it up with the best of them.


Name: William Patinio
Age: 56
Occupation: Retired, C&C Refuse Division
Hobbies:  Cars, Fishing, & Raising Lovebirds
Year, Make, Model: 1966 Chevy II Nova
Build Time:  1 Year +
Paint: Marina Blue

Engine: 355 Chevy Small Block, Edelbrock Tunnels, 452 Carberator, 510 lift Comp Cam
Suspension: Refreshed Stock, New Teflon Bushings
Interior:  Grant GT Steering Wheel, Autometer Gauges, Custom Audio
Exterior: Shortened Rear Tub, Stretched Fender Wells, Fabricated Hood
Wheels/Tires: Weld Racing with Ultra Metric 195/86R15s front with Eagle 295/50R15s in the rear