SP Rides: Rising Sun


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Owner: Alfred “Enzo” Cancino
Age: 37
Occupation: The Queen’s Medical Center
Hobbies: Cars, vinyl wrapping
Color: TeckWrap Rose Gold Chrome with overlaid decals
Engine: Optima battery, COBB Subaru SF air intake and airbox, color-shift vinyl wrapped under-hood and various covers
Exterior: VIS carbon fiber vented hood, front bumper lip, front bumper splitter, side skirts and TOP1 Motors extensions,Varis GT carbon fiber wing
Interior: Custom trunk enclosure with LED display, Twin RE 10-inch subwoofers with a 1000-watt JL Audio amplifer
Suspension: Airlift suspension with 3P air management system, two VIAIR compressors in custom enclosure
Wheels/tires: 18-by-10-inch Cosmis XT-005Rs vinyl wrapped in matt black, Toyo Tires R888, Toyo Tires stickers

Alfred Cancino was born in the Philippines, but he’s recently moved here in pursuit of a better life and more opportunities. More opportunity in the way of hard work and although his day job is working at the hospital, his passion lies in his homespun business, Enzo Autowrap, which began in the Philippines. This sick, 2018 Subaru WRX is the perfect example of his work ethic — this wrap is fire.

Cancino started off wrapping with the help of a friendly mentor in 2008. At the time, the quality vinyl was so cost-prohibitive that he had to cut his teeth on subpar Chinese knock-offs. Dealing with vinyl wrap of this quality is difficult. It was prone to tearing and hard to work with, but four years of experience wrapping with it forced Cancino to become quite skilled.

Fast forward to now, and opportunity has provided him the ability to step up to quality wrapware. The ease in which the material handles has enabled Cancino to work his magic. And on what better car than his own?

Originally, this WRX was only purchased to act as a rolling advertisement with no major plans to modify it. After visiting several car shows, that idea went right out the window.  Whatever he did, the car had to be different visually. Well, I think he’s achieved that. iPhone lovers eat your heart out — look at this rose chrome beauty.  It is wrapped in a glorious shade of pink chrome by Cancino, and then carefully detailed with custom hand-cut decals. The symbolism is significant as the Japanese motif of the Rising Sun is emblazoned upon its side panels.

The wrapping mania continues under the “bonnet” as the entire under-hood has been also wrapped in a color-shifting pattern that is complemented well by color-change LEDs. These color-change LEDs are dispersed throughout the undercarriage as well and can be changed at a moment’s notice. The carbon fiber VIS hood matches perfectly with the aggressive kit of the car. This includes a front bumper lip and splitter as well as side skirts and TOP1 Motors extensions. A Varis GT wing complements the rear trunk area, and also adds some downforce coupled with a bit of menace.

The body has been dropped by an Airlift 3P suspension system powered by two VIAIR compressors.  These are lovingly displayed within a custom trunk enclosure lit up with LEDs. Two RE 10-inch subs are powered by a 1,000-watt JL amplifier displayed alongside it. Tucked snugly beneath the drop are Cosmis XT-005R wheels that have been also wrapped in a black vinyl, which helps to maintain a nice color contrast.

Education is important — it’s helpful for business as well as offering alternatives to the costs associated with painting. Knowing that he came from the Philippines, Cancino understands how difficult it can be to modify one’s ride on a shoestring budget. This scorching WRX is proof that it can still look good — which is how Cancino is educating the masses.