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Name: Shaun Southern
Age: 46
Occupation: Retired Infantry, Technician @ Voyager Auto Sales
Hobbies: Bikes
Year, Make, Model: 2015 Honda CBR1000RR SP Repsol
Engine: 166WHP, K&N Intake, Full Yoshimura exhaust system with Delta 22 slip-on, Power Commander V, mapped & dyno’d by RevTek.
Drivetrain: EK Chain, Vortex Sprocket +2 on the rear, -1 front, Dunlop Q3+ tires
Exterior: CRG Levers, Pilot LED headlight, XK Underglow

The Repsol brand is synonymous with winning.  In fact, it’s one of the most successful MotoGP racing teams that has ever existed while also dabbling in Formula One as well as Rallying. The color scheme for their MotoGP racing is instantly recognizable, even for non-followers of the sport.  For Shaun Southern, it stands out…which means it’s just perfect.

Shaun, from a young age, has always dabbled with bikes, both off-road and on. His 21-year career in the military can be partially attributed to getting into trouble on them when he was a bit more reckless. And although he’s a big fan of classic domestic muscle, there is just something about riding a sport bike that is freeing.  This guy pops wheelies on Harleys, so that should tell you something.

After his dangerous stint in the infantry, a necessary back surgery resulted in sidelining his two-wheel aspirations. However, with time and physical therapy, he healed and the yearning for asphalt-shredding performance began anew. 

“You can only play so much Call of Duty before the wife goes a little crazy…she told me to go get my bike” says Shaun.

Enter this 2015 Honda CBR1000 SP Repsol…talk about a mouthful.  And a handful as well, as this baby is putting 166HP to the wheels. Considering its curb weight is 440 lbs. with a full tank of gas, that equates to a monumentally satisfying power-to-weight ratio.  Southern has always been a knee-dragger type, and this baby absolutely hauls while handling just as well.

Visually, the legendary design is a near replica of the 2014 MotoGP bike ridden by Marc Márquez, who won the 2014 World Championships (as well as many others). Both Repsol and Honda branding are on display amongst the vibrant red, orange, and white paint job. Shaun has added some CRG Levers as well as additional lighting such as the Pilot LED headlight and some sexy XK Underglows.

He’s also taken some time to add in some additional goodies for better performance. A K&N Intake & Filter combines with a full Yoshimura exhaust system with a Delta 22 carbon fiber slip-on cover.  It’s all been mapped and dyno’d by RevTek with a Power Commander V.  He’s most proud of the upgraded Vortex Sprocket…set to +2 on the rear and -1 on the front.  This results in some acceleration that allows him to hold the front wheel off the ground all the way up through the gears.

Thanks to this super recognizable bike, an entire social world has opened its doors for Shaun while providing an outlet for Shaun to chase his troubles away. With friends like those in the Drag Tech Racing family, it’s a good way to heal the soul while keeping the demons at bay.