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Year, make, model: 2017 Subaru BRZ
Owner: Aquilla Kai Haavisto
Age: 23
Occupation: U.S. Navy
Hobbies: Cars, eating, working out
Color: Pearl White
Engine: Tomei UEL headers, Tomei over pipe, Tomei mid pipe, fully custom axial back exhaust
Exterior: Hexagonal carbon fiber trunk lid, front canards, color-matched OEM head and taillights, fender inserts
Interior: Rapfix short hub, Rapfix GTC quick tilt hub, Grip Royal steering wheel 
Suspension: Broadway static coilovers 50k springs, Racer X FLCA, Racer X RUCA, ISC suspension, RLCA, Racer X tie rod and sway bar end links 
Wheels: 18-by-10.5 Work VSXX, Nakang 215/40R18s

The FRS/BRZ are popular cars. The chassis is one of the best for modification and quite affordable. Street Pulse has had plenty of examples its cover.  So the question is — how do you stand out? Aquilla Kai Haavisto seems to have the answer. You get insane with the camber and go “boso” on the rear.

Boso refers to bosozuku, which is what this car seems to emulate. Bosozuku is a Japanese phenomenon for rides that have been taken to extreme levels of visual modifications. Parts on the outside, exhaust tips a mile long, slammed to the ground. This 2017 Subaru BRZ is definitely right in line with this style.

The body itself is mildly modified with a set of canards and fender inserts paired with a hexagonal carbon fiber trunk lid to stand out from the pack. The pearl white exterior contrasts nicely with the black accents throughout. Plus, the OEM headlights have been disassembled and then color-matched resulting in pure perfection. However, when it comes down to it, this ride is all about the back.

There’s no other BRZ on Oahu sporting this look — four chromed out, custom axel back exhausts jut from the exposed rear in a serious statement of modification. The rear lower bumper has been completely removed, allowing all the meaty bits underneath to be on full display. Dual heart-shaped back plates are set within the upper bumper for a pleasing look. Color-matched taillight covers complete the gangster look of this wild car.

Extreme camber isn’t for everyone. However, if you’re going to do it, you do it right and that’s what Haavisto has done, thanks to an intense amount of suspension components. The massively cambered wheels are tucked, thanks to full set of suspension components. Broadway static coil-overs with 50k springs while front and rear lower control arms have been installed, along with a Racer X tie rod and sway bar links. The resulting look is something you’ll never forget and will certainly leave an impression as you watch this ride roll along.

The interior is clean and functional and features a Rapfix short hub matched with a GTC quick tilt hub and Grip Royal steering wheel. Various components have been color-matched while a slick LV shift boot and flamed out shifter stands in plain view.

When it came to modifying this BRZ, Haavisto wanted to be unique.

“Lots of people own 86s, lots get wide-body kits and exhausts. Most are on bags. I wanted to do something that was different and hadn’t been seen before,” Haavisto said. “Have your own ideas and don’t follow the crowd. Do what you want to do. Just blast  ‘em.”