SP Rides: A sweet candy-coated ride


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It’s interesting how our passions can influence the directions we take in life. For instance, Reggie Javier grew up in the lowrider lifestyle with his uncle heavily invested in the lowrider scene. All of this rubbed off on Reggie, but not in the way you would think. Although big- body domestic lowriders were (and still are) the rage, Reggie took a different path with his first custom build, which happened to be one of the first hydraulic imports on Oahu. The car — a lifted Honda Prelude painted Candy Wild Cherry — fulfilled Reggie’s desire to build “something different.”

Along the way, Reggie went through phases that included an attachment to euros and custom sport bikes. But as he matured, his desire for something a bit more laid back and comfortable ignited an old flame: the Harley-David-son. Luckily for him, his wife, Dina, possessed the same passion. With a common goal in mind, they decided to purchase this 2013 Harley-Davidson Softail Deluxe.

Most would be immediately satisfied with getting one of these bad boys between their legs, but not Reggie. “Way back then we were wrenching, and I just wanted to get back into custom,” says Reggie. Immediately after purchasing the bike, he modified the Harley with a drop kit, new handlebars and a Samson exhaust.

Unsatisfied with the drop, Reg-gie decided to take it one step further. After long nights of researching, he found Air Ride and went to Kustom-Fab Choppers for the solution.

Kustom-Fab did an incredible job with the install as all of the front workings are hidden within the fork assembly with a trick switch for the bags. The rear is set up the same and the shop even went an additional step by internalizing the wires for the front controls within the handlebars.

Reggie also ordered a ton of new parts to replace the stock shells. Kustom-Fab then marked up the stretch tank, bags and fenders, and then sent them off to Wish Quering for the incredible Custom Kandy Mix paintjob. Wish laid the patterns, created the mix, and clear-coated and pin-striped the entire job within a week so that Kustom-Fab could complete the build. The end result is eye-popping with huge hologram flakes that reflect a myriad of colors all underlaid with a gorgeous green hue.

Kustom-Fab finished the ride by re-assembling the bike while adding more aftermarket components, including a 23-inch Twista 50 Billet with white wall tire. Bad Dad rear lights, a Touring Nacelle, Halo front LED lights and Internal Beach Bar were also added. The stock seats were re-upholstered by Bob Arkus with Viper Snakeskin for that extra bite. A T-Max tuner was added for some extra get-up-and-go as well. Hidden within the trick stretch saddle bags is some luxurious faux polar bear lining.

Reggie plans to add chrome etching to the bike as well as install the incoming new rear wheel to complete the build.

“I always wanted a Harley, but not just a Harley. Now, it’s getting there,” says Reggie, adding that he’d like to thank his wife, Kustom-Fab Choppers, Wish, and Junkshop Pros for their support.