SP Rides: Sweet Like Candy


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Name: Arvee Haduca
Age: 23
Occupation: Student, valet
Hobbies: Outdoors, Hiking, Snorkeling
Year, Make, Model: 2016 SUBARU STI
Exterior: Full custom Candy Pink paint job, Seibon carbon fiber (CF) hood, Seibon CF side skirts, Seibon CF front lip, APR GTC-300 CF spoiler, Aeroflot Dynamics rear diffuser, HT Autos fender flares
Engine: Full InvidiaeExhaust, Cobb cold air intake, TurboSmart BOV, COBB Accessport Stage 2
Wheels/Suspension: Work Wheels CR Kai, Toyo Tires Proxes R888R, AirLift suspension

Since a young age, Arvee Haduca, has been a bit of a mix. Growing up around an uncle who was into Vdubs, she had a knack for walking into a toy store and then walking out with both a Barbie and a Hot Wheels. And although she’s super into “girly-things” she has always been fascinated with the way things are built and work.

Haduca’s first car was a very nice 2012 Acura TSX. “I was very lucky. It was nice to drive and a great graduation (gift) from my parents. But it was boring,” she said. Although Haduca was understandably appreciative, she longed for something that was a bit more faster and a lot more fun. And, she wanted a stick.

Before making the move to Oahu, she purchased this 2016 Subaru STi and her path opened up before her. In fact, you could say that this car represents her life. She went for it. It’s all of her in a nutshell. While living in Maui, one day, she woke up and said, “I want to live on Oahu; I want to show my car in shows and I want to modify it. And I want to meet people.” So she did just that.

Once situated, Haduca began her build. This already sexy, white STi went through a complete exterior makeover thanks to George Dumlao of Automotive Concepts (AC). The luscious paint is Candy Pink and fits her tastes to a T. “I’ve always wanted a pink car,” said Haduca.

AC put in the work to bring this ensemble of sexy parts to a whole – featuring HT Autos fender flares for an aggressive look and a selection of Seibon carbon fiber components. To finish off the look, the rear features an aggressive APR GTC-300 spoiler and Aeroflot Dynamics rear diffuser.

The engine has been mildly modified to go with the looks and includes power adders such as a full Invidia dual exhaust system and Cobb cold air intake. For thrills, a TurboSmart BOV was added and the car was tuned with a COBB Accessport Stage 2.

This pink baby sits perfectly on Work Wheels CR Kai’s wrapped in Toyo Tires Proxes R888Rs. The stance is undeniably stunning thanks to the full Airlift suspension that floats and slams at the tap of the attached digital controller.

Although this ride represents her journey, it also represents those around her. Before Haduca moved to Oahu, she didn’t know a single person on the island. Without this car, she wouldn’t have met any of those she now considers her best friends, and she wouldn’t be on track to building the car of her dreams.

It all comes down to time and money, but Haduca’s aspirations are a SE-MA-worthy build, which is quite a statement. “This car makes you think everything you dream and can picture, can be a reality,” she concluded.