SP Rides: The Big Bad Wolf


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Name: Harry Wolf
Age: 34
Occupation: Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic. U.S. Army
Hobbies: Auto Vinyl Wrap, Sticker design, Golf
Year, Make, Model: 2017 Ford Focus RS
Color: Avery gloss black/ 3M Satin Black/ 3m Satin Flip Glacial Frost
Engine: Velossa Tech Big Mouth Intake, Green Filter, AWE Track Edition Catback Exhaust, CPE Stage 2 motor mount, FSWerks short shift plate
Exterior: Full vinyl wrap, Maxton front splitter, BMSPEC GT wing, Seibon carbon fiber fog surround/mirror caps, Ventus Veloce Quad carbon fiber rear valance/exhaust tips, Starry Night Halos RGBA Switchback chasing headlights
Suspension: Whiteline lowering springs
Wheels, Tires: 18-inch BC Forged RS45 wheels, Nitto NT555 G2 265/35R18 tires

The 3rd Generation Focus RS is the car the US should have gotten all along.  For years, the US received a vehicle that could be considered subpar to the rest of its global counterparts.  The RS badge was well known as a powerhouse hot hatch that had yet to reach our shores.

That all changed in 2017 when Ford decided to introduce the fastest Focus ever to storm our beaches with a 2.3liter turbo-charged 4cyl and the end result is one of the most impressive hatchbacks the US has ever seen.

For a guy like Harry Wolfenberger, you wouldn’t expect them to be interested in something like a Focus. It’s his first Ford, first 4 cylinder, and he’s primarily known for being all about domestic muscle cars. He has a 427 short-block powered race truck. He had a 2016 Camaro SS…that he so happened to trade in for this Focus. Say what?

At first glance, this might seem like a real big moment of “huh?” but in reality it’s a very smart decision.  The Ford Focus is no slouch, pumping out a whopping 350HP/TQ in an AWD chassis. Throw in the fact that he can carry a group of four comfortably while hauling all of his military gear comfortably from A to B.  If you’ve seen a Camaro’s trunk space, you’ll understand where he’s coming from.

And what’s not to love…this hot hatchback is just that. Hot.  Smoking.  It looks like a ninja on steroids, ready to emerge from the night thanks to its 3M Satin Black wrap. You’ll catch a glint of color thanks to the Glacial Frost streaks down the side, but for the most part, the aggressive fascia is ready to hunt you down stealthily. Add in a Maxton front splitter, a stunning BMSPEC GT rear wing, and the ultra-sexy Ventus Veloce Quad carbon fiber rear diffuser and exhaust tips and this is one big bad wolf.  The impressive Starry Night Halos add an extra hint of menace equatable to the carbon fiber fog inserts.

The entire chassis has been lowered with Whiteline lowering springs onto 18-inch BC Forged RS45 wheels fitted with Nitto NT555 G2 tires.  The wheels are special because Harry has stepped down from the stock 19” trim in an effort for more rubber for the road.  Besides adding more comfort, the additional width is very helpful for adding more grip, something that Wolfenbarger enjoys immensely.

With so much power on-tap already, and no place to race, this wolf has been equipped with bolt-ons to add some more snarl…a Velossa Tech Big Mouth Intake and AWE Track Edition catback exhaust have been equipped along with some additional modifications for better drivetrain performance.

There’s more to come for this wild wolf, but for now, Harry is content with his choices. As long as he’s making the car his own, he’s more than happy to prowl the streets in style.