SP Rides: The Green Menace


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by Michael Kitchens

Bob Wittig has had a love for cars since high school. His first automobile was a classic 1975 Toyota Corolla, and the roll call extends from there with more than 50 vehicles, including 4x4s, dirt bikes, lowriders and even motorcycles.

“I get bored of them pretty quick. I fix it up, then post it up,” says Bob. Now at age 30, it’s been a turbulent automotive love affair, but he always seems to fall back to imports.

Bob is a hardcore core member of the infamous car club, Runumhard. I say infamous because this group wasn’t exactly what you would call inconspicuous at one time. In fact, the club was notorious for doing exactly what it promised to do — to run ’em hard. As a result, HPD would routinely pull anyone over sporting the club’s sticker on their window.

“Runumhard Bob,” as he’s known to friends, is an ardent Acura/Honda fan with the ’92 and ’93 DA Integras as his favorites. It just so happens that he prefers 4-doors because of the family car aspect and the fact that no one likes to get beat by a 4-door Honda. Bob traded his built H22 Acura CL for this 1994 Acura Integra.

There’s actually so much done to this car’s internals that there’s not enough space to give it proper credit. Bob’s first steps were to re-do the drivetrain, replacing the clutch and flywheel with an ACT Stage 3 Clutch and a lightened flywheel. The car is absolutely slammed on Buddy Club full suspension while the rotors are drilled and slotted for extra braking power. Power is put down through the 15×7 DR41s swathed in Toyo Proxes 195/45R 16s rubber.

He then proceeded to swap a B20V engine in from a CRV and sent it directly to Snyder Machine Works, where it was worked over. With a Type R head, he piled on every mod he could think of, including JE High Compression Pistons, Eagle Rods, and a 2000 Type R head modified with a Skunk2 Valve Train and Cams. Combined with the full setup of AEM gear including a pumped up fuel system as well as the MSD ignition, this car has the juice. Quite literally, in fact, as the car features a 75 wet shot of ZEX Nitrous. It’s pretty much assumed that this thing hauls.

The car is all go and, as such, the exterior and interior looks are kept low key. External mods are few with an Amazon Green paint job, a front lip, and a dusted carbon fiber hood. The car is quiet with a 2-1/2 straight pipe mated to a Greddy SP exhaust. Internally, the car features RSX front seats, GSR rears in all leather and strut bars for extra bracing. While running it hard, Bob likes to bump his sounds, so the ride is fitted with 800-watt system, which features an enormous Rockford Fosgate P3 12-inch subwoofer.

Still, the car is far from finished as Bob wants to up the looks.

“I want to do a 5-lug conversion and a Type-R front,” says Bob. This would put the car right in line with the classic JDM stance.

Bob and club members are always down to play, which is why he supports the tracks like KRP. They’re still waiting for a drag strip though.

“They’re always cracking down on people who street race,” he says. “We just all miss having a track.”

Yep. A safe, legal place to run ’em hard.

Build Time: Six months
Interior: Autometer shift light and gauges, RSX front seats, GSR rear seats, Rockford Fosgate 800 watt system with P3 12-inch subwoofer
Exterior: Front lip, carbon fiber hood
Suspension: Buddy Club full suspension, strut bars compression pistons, Eagle rods, Skunk2 valve train and cams, RC 440 injectors, AEM air intake, cam gears, fuel rail and fuel reg. Walboro 255 fuel pump, MSD SCI ignition system and Blaster coil with wires, Tri-Y header, 2-1/2 straight pipe with Greddy SP exhaust, Moroso oil catch can
Wheels/Tires: Drilled and slotted rotors, 15×7 DR41s with Toyo proxes 295/45R 16s