SP Rides: The Red Box


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By Michael Kitchens

The weather really seemed to play havoc this week with flood warnings and sporadic rain, but that didn’t deter Richard Ruiz from bringing his daily driven 2009 Scion Limited Edition xB to photograph. We shot against a menacing sky that slowly encroached on this vivid shock of a ride and the resulting color contrast was simply amazing.

In fact, that’s what first attracted Richard and his wife to the vehicle. While attending a local car show, they happened upon the ride, formerly owned by Nathan Smith. Richard’s wife made Nathan an on-the-spot offer, and in a flash, the ride was theirs. While checking it out, Richard was asked by his wife how he liked the xB. “I said it’s nice and then she said, ‘Well, look it over because it’s gonna be ours,’” Richard recalls.

Scions are some of the most modded vehicles on the planet from the factory, primarily because the company offers many aftermarket parts as options during the purchase of the vehicle. Since it was modified by the previous owner, one of the most important steps for Richard was making the ride feel like his own.

“Rather than show up to the car shows in someone else’s ride, I slowly wanted to concentrate on changing it to fit my tastes,” says Richard.

Featuring a Five Axis body kit slathered in Absolute Red, the car is an eye-popper as is, but Richard wanted to focus on the details. Preferring simple and clean, he purchased Varrstoens in Matte Black with 18×9.5s in the front and 18×10.5s in the rear. Auto Customs handled the work and made sure all four features a +15 offset that really makes the stance happen. The stance is further slammed using an Air Runner suspension kit that was re-installed and tucked under the bumpers by Marshall Lum of Forjworks. The details are further cemented by Forjworks eyelids, JDM Rumion badges and a 6k HID fog light kit to light up the night.

Richard needs his tunes, no doubt, so he went to Audiotech to install a killer sound system. Featuring two 10-inch Interfire subs in a fantastic enclosure in the rear with two 6 1/2 doors with 1-inch tweeters, the system is backed with over 4,000 watts of power. The interior features custom door panels, JDM visors, Clazzio leather seat covers, a Greddy Intelligent Infometer and headrest monitors to add some entertainment for the ride.  Dakota digital gauges provide further monitoring for Richard.

One of the standout items on the ride is the intricate fairing that is featured on the roof rack.  Richard tapped local artist and enthusiast, Kory Kuhns, to create this one-off piece.

“Kory had something similar on his car, and I loved the look, so I asked him to do one for me,” says Richard.  After laying down a base yellow vinyl, Kory then proceeded to sticker-bomb the fairing with various tags from local graffiti artists. The result is a great tribute piece.

Richard has further plans to modify the car, including blacking out the chrome for a more sinister look. For now, however, he’s content to hit the spots with his wife and this sleek, but simple Red Box.

Owner: Richard Ruiz
Age: 45
Occupation: Truck Driver
Hobbies: Hanging out with friends
Year/Make/Model: 2009 Scion Limited Edition xB
Color: Absolute Red
Instagram: ric1020

Engine: Intake, Kinetik HC 1400R Battery
Exterior:  Forjworks eyelids, JDM Rumion badges, JDM visors, Five Axis body kit, 6k HID fog light kit, reverse camera, custom roof fairing
Interior: Dakota digital gauges, Clazzio leather seat covers, custom door panels, headrest monitors, Junction Produce Car Alarm
Suspension:  Air Runner Suspension
Sound: 4,000 watt Interfire Sound System featuring 2 10-inch subs in a custom enclosure, 2 6 1/2 door speakers with 1 inch twitters, Alpine IVA900w Double Din
Wheels & Tires: Varrstoens in Matte Black with 18×9.5s front and 18×10.5s  rear, +15 Offset