SP Rides: The Slayer


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Owner: Brandon Washington
Age: 25
Occupation: U.S. Navy
Hobbies: Cars, detailing
Year, make, model: 2017 Chevrolet Camaro SS
Color: Nightfall Gray
Engine:Texas Speed & Performance fully forged long block with forged internals and higher compression, Pray Performance spec’d cam with tune, horsepower estimate high 500 to 600s
Exterior: IROC Motorsports-ZR1 Vette-style hood, front splitter extension with struts, side skirts, ACS Composites Spoiler with ZL1 add-ons wicker bill
Interior: Custom sub with Digital Design 10-inch woofer
Wheels: 20-inch Stance SC-6ix (slate grey), Michelin Pilot Sport 4s 295/30ZR20s.

From the factory, the 2017 Chevrolet Camaro SS packs a whopping 455 horsepower V8 pulled from the legendary Corvette. Most people would consider that quite a bit of power and possibly enough. That’s not the case for Brandon Washington, who is looking for just a bit more.

Washington is only 25 years old and was a former import fan, having a modified Mazdaspeed3. Of course, one test drive in this Camaro and the feeling of ultimate power scratched an itch he never knew he had. He loves the fact that the car has so much potential — drag racing, road racing, even autocrossing — the car can do whatever you want it to. However, since the swap, he’s upped the ante by modifying the already impressive Camaro into a night hunter.

The car looks the part as aero was an important factor for Washington. Aggressive styling is the word by adding on a ZR1 Corvette style hood from IROC Motorsports who also provided the slick side skirts and front splitter with struts to boot. A slick ACS Composites spoiler hangs off the rear and is fully adjustable with ZL1 add-ons. All put together, this looks dominating.

The styling is further enhanced by 20-inch Stance SC-6ix wheels in slate gray. These babies sport Michelin Pilot Sport 4s for some sticky rubber on the pavement. A set of lowering springs already sitting in the garage will also soon be installed to help lower the ride height to a much more acceptable level.

The interiors for these cars are super high-tech. The dash is a fully integrated LCD display capable of showing everything from digital gauges for monitoring to a slick tach/speedo. In addition, the head unit is about as tech as it gets. An added shift light and A/F ration gauge helps to provide further monitoring. When Washington’s not enjoying the engine sound, he pumps out his tunes via a custom stereo system featuring a Digital Designs 10-inch woofer.

But let’s not kid ourselves — the real music comes from the engine. Washington knew what the Camaro could do — so, without hesitation, he had the blocked ripped out and sent off to Texas Speed & Performance. The company did a number on it and sent back a fully forged long block with forged internals capable of running much higher compression. This baby can push it into the 8,000 rpm range. Featuring a mean cam from Pray Performance, this car has some serious chunk in its loping idle. It hits you in the chest and it resonates in your eardrums long after its left your line of sight. All said, this ride is pushing a high 500 to 600 horsepower. The block itself could support even more horsepower if pushed. That’s quite impressive.

All in all, Washington is building this car to do whatever he needs it to. Whether it’s straight-line performance, hitting up some curves, or taking his daughter to daycare, the car can handle it.

“Don’t build your car for others. Build it for yourself,” Washington said. It doesn’t hurt that this baby absolutely slays.