SP Rides: The Wicked White Husky


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Name: Timothy Han Jr.
Age: 21
Occupation: Technician
Hobbies: Cars, cruises, drawing
Year, Make, Model: 2015 Mitsubishi Evo GSR
Color: Wicked White
Engine: ARP head studs, ETS test pipe, Megan Racing rear muffler, K&N intake/filter, K&N upper intercooler pipe
Exterior: Ubeymade canards, Battle Aero Force 3 wing, Gorilla side splitters
Interior: Mishimoto shift knob
Suspension: ISC coil-overs 
Wheels/brakes/tires: 18-by11 plus 15 Vordoven Forme 9 wheels, Mishimoto lug nuts, EBC ceramic brake pads, 275/35/18 BFGoodrich Sport Comp 2 tires

At 21 years old, Timothy Han Jr. hasn’t had the opportunity to own a great many cars. However, he’s had some fun rides such as an E30, a Scion TC and a base model Lancer. For the most part, all of the vehicles were only mildly modified and purchased for A to B transportation.

Heck, the base model Lancer isn’t exactly fast to begin with either. However, all of it led to the indescribable moment when Han decided he needed more power.  Surprisingly, he had originally wanted a Subie but after test-driving multiple versions, it was one ride in the Evo that immediately did it for him. He had to have one at that point. 

Being a daily driver was still important, but he stepped up to the plate with the full whammo blammo and that’s this 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution GSR — the 10th generation show stopper.  At first, the stock 291 horsepower was more than suitable for his purposes, but after visiting a few car shows, he got the itch.

Seeing so many dope Evo’s gave him inspiration to make his car more aggressive in both looks and performance. Although the eventual goal is to wide-body the car, for now, he went easy with some sexy exterior additions to the Wicked White exterior. These include the Ubeymade canards and Gorilla side splitters. The impressive BattleAero Force 3 wing dominates the rear trunk lid.  Of special note are the “husky” headlights and tails. He’s purposely chosen to have them look different to provide a bit of personality for his ride. Plus, he loves huskies.

The suspension is currently his favorite modification. The ISC coil-overs provide the ride with practically zero body roll and allow the ride to plant firmly on the 18-by-11 Vordoven Forme 9 wheels held in place by Mishimoto lug nuts. These babies are wrapped with 275/35/18 BFGoodrich Sport Comp 2 tires and provide ample grip on the mean streets of Oahu.

The stock horsepower is already impressive, and the car features glorious highlights such as the OEM front intercooler that already sits prominently in view through the Evo’s gaping maw, sucking air to feed the turbo engine. However, Han has augmented the engine with a smattering of extras. ARP head studs are included along with a K&N combo of filter and intake as well as red-colored intercooler piping. For extra loudness an ETS test pipe and Megan Racing muffler accompany the modifications. The end result is an extra 30 to 50 horsepower for the already formidable performance.

In his own words, Han believes that his build is all about looking aggressive and fast while being meticulous as he plans his way ahead. Although this ride is already looking the part, it still has more to come.  Stay husky.