SP Rides: Those Guys


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by Michael Kitchens

Phillip Godinet’s first introduction to the automotive scene was a Nissan 240SX at the age of thirteen.  I’m sensing a pattern here with a majority of our Street Pulse features…they start young.  Phillip’s attraction to fast cars extended itself further to Hondas and other extreme builds in an attempt to fill that need for speed.  This is why it’s rather ironic to see Phil rocking a slammed 1984 Buick Regal Limited.

Around three years ago, Phil was introduced to the lowrider scene by his cousin, Tanna Faumui, who was already entrenched in the lowrider community.  Late last year, their close family & friends formed a new fabrication operation called “Those Guys” and got to work.  Together, they built Phil’s first lowrider, on a budget no less, and the result is spectacular.

“I traded my Caddy.  I needed a running car, so I picked up the Regal.” says Phil.  Once acquired, the entire crew set to work ripping it down to its bare frame.  “We wanted to work on something.” says Tanna.  Phil’s nephews, Syrus & Tasi were key in completing the tear down and re-assembly.  Once the entire car was deconstructed, the frame was reinforced by boxing it with 3/16th sheet metal.  They also took the time to weld the seams and did an incredible job on smoothing out the firewall.

This lowrider is made to hop.  The hydraulic system was fabricated and installed with a Black Magic 3-pump setup with one pump in the front, and as well as each rear corner.  They also paid attention to important details like re-enforcing the body panels in key areas with fiber-glass.  Areas such as the rear fenders are known to “kink” from the stress placed on them by the hopping.

Although painted with a couple buckets of “Budget Blue” the car is brilliant to look at.   The graphics were the crew’s first attempt at fades, and they came out stunning.  Coated with at least three gallons of clear coat, the car glows while rolling down the street. It’s simply a gorgeous ride. “If we’re gonna hop something, it’s going to look beautiful.” says Pat A., one of the “Those Guys”.

For the crew, this vehicle was a testament to their abilities in many areas.  For example, the engine is usually hidden away in lowriders, content to simply power the ride.  The crew tore down the entire unit and immediately cleaned and rebuilt it.  In fact, the entire under carriage is painted and is in immaculate shape. Attention to detail was important even going so far as color-matching the 13″ spoke rims.

Most enthusiast rides are constantly in a state of change.  In addition to working out some remaining issues, Phil & the club intend to finish off the trunk with fiberglass panels as well as refreshing the interior which should raise the car’s quality to even higher levels.

Phil appreciates the help he’s been giving in getting this ride together including his friends, Del & Fabian who were also instrumental in getting some sponsored parts.    “A lot of time went into this car.  I love it. I’m grateful.” says Phil.  It’s wonderful to see an entire family come together for a build.  It turns out; “Those Guys” are exactly that.  Family.