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Year, Make, Model: 2015 BMW M3
Owner: Rodhel Ibay
Age: 44
Occupation: Executive chef 
Hobbies: Fishing, cars, video games
Color: Crystalline Matte White wrap
Engine: Injen Technology charge pipe, SSR Performance catless downpipe, Frequency Intelligence carbon fiber tips exhaust, Pro Tuning Freaks Bootmod3, Eventuri full carbon fiber red Kevlar intakes
Exterior: Crystalline Matte White wrap by Xerowraps, IND Front Gloss Black Grille — side gills, Morph Auto Design (MAD) Diffuser and side skirts
Interior: Auto Couture ACM edition Vidi Gauge, performance electronic steering wheel, Alcantara tri-stitch brake boot and shift knob
Suspension: Airlift 3P — full suspension
Wheels/tires: Aristo Collection 20-inch black semi-gloss wheels on Toyo Tires

The BMW M3 is considered the ultimate driving machine by many performance enthusiasts. It began to set the standards in 1986 when the first E30 M3 was produced for racing homologation purposes. Now in its fifth generation as the F80 M3, the car’s performance is legendary. Rodhel Ibay’s dream car has always been a BMW and this beautiful 2015 M3 is a perfect example of this.

Back in the early days, Ibay rocked a Honda Civic DX hatchback, which was the rage for young import enthusiasts.  However, as he got older, his preferences began to mature once he tasted the pure driving spirit and upscale performance of the BMW brand. After his first test drive, he was left with an urgent need for it.

Fast forward to today after owning several different BMWs, and you can see that he now owns one of the best handling performance cars on the road. This M3 looks the part as well, thanks to its gorgeous Crystalline Matte White wrap done by Xerowraps. Morph Auto Design provides some super sleek kits in the way of the carbon fiber front inserts, side skirts, dovetail wing and rear diffuser. Northwest Carbon adds a red-carbon fiber set of side mirrors while IND is responsible for the glossy black grille and side gill inserts as well. The result is one extremely aggressive, yet incredibly stylish M3.

The stance is thanks to Airlift — a full 3P suspension has been installed and provides the up and down when necessary. Ibay felt it necessary to upgrade to air after destroying five front lips while dealing with Oahu’s rough and tough roads. Aristo Collection provides the 20-inch semi-gloss wheels wrapped with Toyo tires. Their widened spoke design allows a clear view of the tremendous BMW brakes and rotors.

The standard performance of the base M3 is no slouch — pushing 406 horsepower through its V6 bi-turbo design. However, with the addition of a few select aftermarket upgrades and a Pro Tuning Freaks Bootmod3, this ride is now pushing 500 horsepower after dyno. Opening up the hood reveals a wonderland of red and black carbon fiber and a menagerie of parts that take it to the next level.  Eventuri carbon fiber red Kevlar intakes match the side mirrors, while an Injen charge pipe and SSR Performance catless downpipe breathes and roars when combined with the Frequency Intelligence exhaust tips.

The interior features an Alcantara tri-stitch brake boot and shift knob. However, the true talking piece is the performance electronic steering wheel. This baby takes the cake with an LED RPM rev range on the wheel. It lights up as you climb the revs, indicating the proper shift points while on track, while also displaying oil and engine temps. It’s an amazing wheel and feels and looks extremely racy.  It just adds to the total package that is this BMW M3.

This BMW M3 is one of the sickest we’ve had on the cover thanks to its stance and kit. However, Ibay has stressed to me that big things are coming for its future. He’s thinking wide — even wider than the current stance.  For now, this is still the ultimate driving machine.