SP Rides: Winning The Race Against Time


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Name: Braxton Higa
Age: 30
Occupation: HVAC technician
Hobbies: Cars, daughter
Year, Make, Model: 2000 Honda Civic
Engine: Custom 4 Piston Racing built k20/24 88-by-99, 12.5:1 Wiseco armor plated pistons, Manley H beam k24 connecting rods, ACL race bearings, micro polished crank, 4 Piston Pro 163 CBC cylinder head, Ferrea valve springs, TI retainers, spring seats, 4 Piston Racing RR4 cams, ported TypeS oil pump, 4 Piston Racing CNC ported Skunk2Racing ultra race intake manifold, Skunk2Racing 90mm tb, dc5 TypeR transmission (Y2M3), Action Stage 4 6puc clutch, Blox 490 shift knob, K-Tuned (race shifter cables, billet shifter box, pulley kit, k24 billet post mount, radiator hoses, custom intake arm, ignition coil cover, billet firewall gromet, billet shifter cable bracket, dip stick, coolant hose kit, brake booster hose kit), Hybridracing Kswap radiator and A/C kit, Skunk2Racing composite fuel rail, grams 1000cc injectors, AN fittings and fuel lines, AEM fuel pressure regulator, Warlbro 255 fuel pump, Russell fuel filter, converted k to b TPS and map sensor, Hasport custom anodized blue U88 engine mounts, ATI engine dampener, Skunk2Racing battery tie down, Skunk2Racing Megapower exhaust manifold, Speedfactory titanium exhaust manifold stud kit, custom powder coated valve cover, spoon sports oil cap, spoon sports radiator cap, spoon sports reservoir socks, Hybridracing kevlar clutch line, ICB Motorsports fender washers, Rywire engine harness, carbing cooling plate, HKS Hipower carbonfiber muffler, Thermal R&D piping.
Exterior: Backyard Special Kevlar front bumper, ARC magic canards, Seibon carbon fiber hood, Firstmolding carbon fiber type B mirrors, Honda OEM block off plates, NRG hood dampers, JDM CTR grill, JDM CTR headlights, JDM CTR clear side markers, JDM CTR taillights JDM CTR thin sold moldings JDM ek9 window visors, Australia domestic market ek9 headlight covers, Tracklife Kevlar fender cutouts, Seekerv2 wing, JDM CTR wing baseplate, custom cut rear bumper.
Interior: JDM CTR carpet, JDM CTR red headliner, JDM CTR cluster, JDM CTR door panels, JDM CTR floor mats front and rear, JDM roof console, JDM trash box, Blox harness bar, vision C pillar bar USDM SI center console, USDM SI leather arm rest, EDM ashtray/cig lighter conversion, EDM passenger airbag delete, USDM ITR rear seats, Recaro sr4 Wildcat Kevlar front seats, Recaro ek9 seat rails, Takata harnesses, Momo Montecarlo steering wheel, NRG tilt steering wheel hub adapter, NRG slim hub, NRG tilt lock, custom start button, custom radio switch, AEM oil pressure gauge, Mugen pedals.
ICE: Alpine 505/w blackbird navigation, Boston acoustics front separates, Boston acoustics cross overs, Boston acoustics rear speakers, Jl Audio 4 channel amp, Jl Audio v1 single channel amp, 3 Jl Audio w6 12-inch subs.
Suspension: Tein mono flex with EDFC, JDM ITR front and rear strut bar, powder coated silver JDM ITR front crossmember with powder coated red optional tie bar, powder coated red JDM ITR sway bar, spoon sports rigid collar kit, Goodridge brake lines, powder coated silver front lower control arms with spherical bushings, Skunk2Racing pro front upper control arms, VMS rear camber kits, ASR 26mm rear sway bar. ASR spherical end links, ASR polished rear subframe brace, beaks polished rear tie bar, powder coated black front spindles, buddy club extended ball joints, Fullrace traction bar.
Wheels, Tires, Brakes: Enkei nt03 powder coated mag blue, 16-by-8 +30 squared, Spoon Sports twin block brake calipers Hawk pads, Password JDM drilled and slotted front and rear rotors, brand new JDM CTR/USDM ITR rear calipers, Yokohama S drives 205/50/16

When you’re an auto enthusiast, your path can wander on your way toward automotive enlightenment. Over time, things change such as your tastes and views on specific looks and parts selection, as well as your finances. But that’s one of the great things about being a modification specialist: There’s always time to change things.

This 2000 Honda Civic has been through a transformation. Everything from the engine to the interior has been revamped or improved to redirect the look from five years ago. Braxton Higa, by his own account, is never satisfied. One look at the extremely lengthy modification list says it all in a glance.

The evolution has been an organic process that morphed the ride from being a daily driver to a garage queen. “When you spend 60,000 (dollars) on a car, you begin to worry about what other people are going to do it while you’re on the road,” said Higa.

When he wants to drive it, however, Higa does but even that is a purely visceral experience. The  -coated k20/24 engine has been built-up by 4 Piston Racing and now has 306HP on tap — this is from an all-motor, four-banger which is quite an accomplishment. I can’t even begin to cover the number of components in this engine build, but it’s that substantial. Let’s just say that it was quite the investment and is probably one of the greatest import motor builds I’ve had the pleasure of photographing.

Exterior-wise, the vehicle has been modified with a healthy list of components. The ride features a Backyardspecial Kevlar front bumper fitted with ARCmagic canards and a color-matched Seibon carbon fiber hood that matches quite well with the trick Tracklife Kevlar fender cutouts. Firstmolding Carbon fiber Type B mirrors are also matched with Seekerv2 wing for a very race-inspired look. Throw in an enormous selection of Civic TypeR parts and other JDM goodies and you’ve got something special.

Even the suspension is overwhelmingly modified with Tein mono flex with EDFC coil overs, JDM Integra TypeR front and rear strut bars, Skunk2racing pro front upper control arms, VMS rear camber kits, ASR spherical end links, and well, you get the point; the list is huge. All of this comes together in a handling setup that screams right-on-rails. Throw in some incredible stopping power thanks to the sweet brake mods consisting of Spoon Sports twin block calipers and Password JDM drilled and slotted rotors, and this is a very competent package.

For rubber, the 16-inch Enkei NT03s have been powder coated Mag Blue and are coated in Yokohama S Drives sized at 205/50/16s.

The interior has been completely redone and includes a full swap of JDM replacements as the CTR carpet, headliner, gauge clusters, door panels, floor mats, roof console — practically everything — has been changed. Generally, all the interior pieces have been swapped out with something better or unique, not to mention the incredible sound system fitted with 3 JL Audio 12-inch subs.

This car has had a slow burn to become an import masterpiece, as far as Higa is concerned though, it’s never too late to enjoy life and make time to do the things you enjoy.