SP Rides: Youthful Enthusiasm


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Year, make, model: 1992 Honda Civic EG Si
Owner: Ayson Ganton
Occupation: Mechanic
Hobbies: Cars, music, cooking
Color: OEM Aztec Green
Engine: B18C5 (USDM Type R), Skunk 2 Alpha Mega Power headers, Skunk 2 intake manifold, AEM fuel rail (blue), K-Tuned air intake, chipped p28 ECU, 2 ¼-inch exhaust to a Megan racing muffler.
Exterior: JDM rear taillights, front lip, PCI racing 4-inch side skirts.
Interior: Mugen Racing 3 steering wheel, Works Bell steering hub, K-Tuned pro circuit shifter, Spoon Sports shift knob, Circuit Hero shifter plate, Bride Low Max bucket seat, Buddy Club seat rails, Takata racing harness 4-point (green), voltage gauge, AEM wide band gauge AFR, Pioneer double din sounds, 10-inch sub.
Suspension: Skunk 2 drop springs.
Wheels: Enkei RPF1s 15-by-7 plus 35, Yokohama S Drives (195/50/R15)

It’s incredible that the 1990s-era Honda Civic is still making enthusiasts out of our youth. It makes total sense. It’s incredibly affordable, has probably one of the largest aftermarkets out there, and the parts are easily interchangeable between models.  It’s no wonder that this ride was Ayson Ganton’s first introduction to the modding scene.

Ganton is 17 years old. That’s right, this is probably one of the youngest enthusiasts I’ve ever interviewed.  However, youth hasn’t held him back — he’s got big dreams for this ride.

“I’m not into the stance. I want to be able to track the car. I want to be different,” said Ganton.

The Honda reflects this attitude. The exterior is relatively untouched with JDM tails, a black front lip, and PCI racing 4-inch side skirts. The entire body is dropped a few inches thanks to some Skunk 2 drop springs and tucked just underneath and behind is a Megan Racing Muffler that gives off a raspy growl.  Enkei RPF1s look straight race and are 15-by-7 all around.

The real goodness is in the engine bay. The original, low-power plant has been swapped out to a full B18C5 from a USDM Type R. Ganton and his brother performed the swap themselves. It was a moment of awakening for him as he never knew you could make such modifications. This is essentially what turned him into an enthusiast.

Combined with some power adders such as the Skunk 2 Alpha Mega Power headers, the intake manifold, and the K-Tuned air intake, this bad boy is able to combine light weight with power for much-improved performance.  An AEM fuel rail and a chipped P28 ECU help to manage the overall system.

The interior is almost a shock to see. This baby has been modified with weight savings in mind.  Who needs a passenger seat? The driver sits within a Bride Low Max bucket seat, strapped into place by a Takata 4-point racing harness, and stares at a cockpit set up for business. The K-Tuned Pro Circuit Shifter is stark and functional, paired with a Spoon Sports shift knob while a Mugen Racing 3 steering wheel mated to a Works Bell steering hub provides control.

Monitoring is done using the various gauges which include voltage and a wide band AFR. And if the engine isn’t enough music for Ganton’s ears, he also has the option to pump out some volume with a 10-inch sub and a full range of speakers throughout the cabin.

All-in-all, this is a great start for a young man who has many more years ahead of his enthusiast builds. When asked what’s important to him in his build, Ganton was straightforward and focused.

“Have your own inspiration for your own car. Build it for yourself. Not everyone else,” Ganton said.