SP Rides: ‘Z’ for Zeal


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Name: Glefor John Lucelo
Age: 24
Occupation: Glefor John Lucelo
Hobbies: Cars, sports, gym
Year, Make, Model:  2016 Nissan 370z
Engine Mods: Z1 Motorsports post MAF tube, HKS drop-in filter, Mishimoto oil cap, AAM test pipes, Megan y-pipe, Tuned by Jotech Seth at RAD Motorsports, vinyl-wrapped battery and brake fluid covers, custom exhaust by Exhaust Systems Hawaii.
Exterior:  Carbon fiber front fender add on, VIS Racing OEM-style carbon fiber hood, EVOR carbon fiber front lip, EVO-R carbon fiber mirror caps, EVO-R carbon fiber door handle covers, Type Zero side splitters, Fujimura diffuser, Fly1 Motorsports duckbill spoiler, custom rear bumper side winglets, vinyl-wrapped roof, A-pillars and B-pillars by David Kauka, blacked out headlights with Starry Night Halos and sequential LED strip by Waifuworks.
Interior: Carbon fiber interior trim pieces, custom seat covers, custom mount for air suspension remote by Revision Audio, vinyl-wrapped rear strut tower bar, Nismo floor mats.
Suspension: Airlift performance air ride suspension 3p by Revision Audio.
Wheels and tires: Cosmis racing wheels XT006R 20-by-9.5 +8, 20-by-11 +5, Nexen Nfera SU1 245/35/20 front, 275/35/20 rear

Originally born and raised in the Philippines, Glefor John Lucelo now spends his time ripping it up in this Magma Red Nissan 370Z. Since his arrival in 2011, Glefor has had an interest in the VQ line of engines having previously owned several Infiniti G35s and a G37 coupe.

However, his dream car while in the Philippines was always the 350Z. With 332HP on tap in stock form, the 370Z is no slouch when it comes to the performance. With two seats and a stylish fastback appearance, this baby has it where it counts in the looks and power department.

That’s great for Lucelo as he was already addicted to power. The 3.7-liter VQ37VHR has been modified with a Z1 Motorsports post MAF tube, an HKS drop-in filter, with a combination of AAM test pipes and a Megan Y pipe for some low-end growl. Exhaust Systems Hawaii hand-built the rest of the custom exhaust. Tuned by Jotech Seth at RAD Motorsports, the engine bay has also been given a makeover thanks to a Mishimoto oil cap and red vinyl wrapped battery and brake fluid covers.

The exterior modifications all sprang from the necessary. The first modification, a carbon fiber VIS Racing hood was a mandatory mod after the original OEM hood was the victim of vandals with paint-destroying hot glue. The costs weren’t worth the repaint when a carbon fiber hood would save with weight and provide some extra looks. From there, wheels were necessary and after a few choices, Glefor ended up with Cosmis Racing Wheels as his rollers. These XT-006Rs are set in 20-by-9.5 in the front and 20-by-11 in the rear.

With the new wheels, however, it simply didn’t sit right so suspension became a factor. Airlift Performance provides the up and down thanks to installation by Revision Audio. This system allows him to be at a comfortable height, and tuck it low when parked.

One thing led to another and then more modifications came to the exterior. These accents include a carbon fiber front fender add-on and a set of EVO-R components that include a carbon fiber front lip, mirror caps and door handle covers. The ride’s aerodynamics is improved thanks to Type Zero side splitters, a Fly1 Motorsports duckbill spoiler, as well as a Fujimura diffuser that aids with additional downforce. The diffuser is helped thanks to custom rear bumper winglets that give the rear an aggressive look.

The interior has been mildly modified thanks to select replacement pieces made in carbon fiber. Wet Okole seat covers amplify this speedster’s spicy racer look, while the rear strut tower bar has been wrapped in red vinyl. Red suede door panels were contributed by Aloha Upholstery and add a nice custom flair to the interior.

Although he’s not finished, Lucelo has really enjoyed building this machine to its current specs. It hasn’t been easy, but he believes that if you work hard for it, you can be the one leading the charge rather than holding everyone back.