Warhorse: More than a gym


Warhorse Strength Camp takes training to a whole new level. Fitness remains the main objective, but building character is also vital to its members.

Everyone — from athletes and MMA fighters to regular Joes — will find what they’re looking for at the camp’s Waipahu location, which opened just two years ago.

“This place is new, but we were always training guys over in Ewa Beach, and I’ve been training guys since before 2005,” says owner Victor Bell. “And I have high school wrestlers from Campbell, Kapolei, Mililani and Punahou, so we continue to have that growth.”

“We have people who are not athletes come as well, and we put them at a level where they de- velop a championship habit,” Bell continues. “We had the stigma that our gym was too hard, but it’s less about being hard more than it is about being accountable.”

There are many young athletes who train at the facility, so Bell, along with coach Ajax Maharlika, want to instill moral character in participants to carry them past their respective sports.

“We try to build that mentali- ty and create leaders,” Bell explains.

Warhorse Strength Camp is more than just a gym — it’s a coaching facility where those in attendance can bond and form meaningful friendships.

Classes are conducted for powerlifting, football strength and conditioning, and wrestling strength and conditioning.

Morning classes are beginning to open up, but the 6-7 a.m. slot is taken by a special forces unit.

But no matter what you want to do, Warhorse Strength Camp has something for you. Even bet- ter, staffers are committed to helping you reach your fitness goals.

“We want to be the warhorse that people ride into battle on,” Bell says. “And if people decide to come here, they get nutritional guidelines, accountability checkpoints, weigh-ins on a week’s basis and body-fat testing. We look at your program as a whole.”

For MMA enthusiasts, Warhorse Strength Camp will work hard to tailor a training plan just for you.

“We’ll study you, we’ll study your opponent, we’ll gain a plan based on the game plan you want to go with,” says Bell, who has a special place in his heart for MMA.

What matters most, he adds, is that participants approach train- ing with the right attitude.

“We have a level of character and integrity we look to upkeep because we also have young ath- letes,” Bell says. “We’re creating more than just a gym environment. We want to make sure we maintain that aesthetic value of our members and attendees.”

Bell also talks about opening a location in town, possibly by the year’s end. But for now, those in- terested in taking part in this revolutionary training experience can email warhorse strengthcoach@gmail.com, or call Bell at 778-1326. And if you bring a copy of this article, or text Bell a picture, the camp will have a special gift for you.

“We call our program the Doritos chip bag: Once you have one, you’re hooked,” Bell adds.