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Paige FTW: ‘The Witcher’ Gets It

As we are inundated with gaming adaptations that never quite get it — the Sonic movie looms upon us, ominously promising to continue that trend — it is refreshing to find a series that … does it right.

Bringing out the fun in exercise

The best fitness games take advantage of the compelling nature of play. They push players to beat high scores or advance a narrative. With Ring Fit Adventure, Nintendo mixes exercise and gameplay in an unusual way. Instead of forcing players to do drills, the developers meld exercises into action role-playing game.

Paige FTW: An Ode To Jackbox

I’m not one to play online games with other people, but I keep a stock of local party games to play with friends — the old-school method of multiplayer gaming, really. It remains a viable social option even as I stare down the big 30 this year.

Recent offerings for PlayStation VR

To close out 2019, Sony published a diverse collection of PlayStation VR titles that’s highlighted by Stardust Odyssey and Audica. Both are full-fledged games that are built with the specification of the headset in mind.

Paige FTW: What I Want In 2020

As we teeter on the brink of 2020, let’s alter the typical “most anticipated” list and instead discuss what we want out of our games next year.

New game is familiar, yet different

Upon the surface, it’s clear that Phoenix Point is based heavily off the formula that Jullian Gollop helped to create in the original XCOM series from the 1990s. However, time has been the development team’s ally here, and as you dig deeper into the game, the new concepts and ideas that really help set Phoenix Point apart from other XCOM-likes starts to show.

Paige FTW: An award show of sound and fury

The movies have the Oscars; TV has the Emmys. Video games have … The Game Awards? OK, so it’s definitely not as prestigious as its primetime kin, but it’s something, I guess. While the show does tend to be modestly dominated by new trailers and release dates, it does spend a considerable amount of time […]

Hard-hitting sequel veers far away from original

Life is Strange was never supposed to have a sequel. When Dontnod Entertainment created the game, the developers imagined it as a stand-alone project, a one-off. What they didn’t anticipate was the success and enormous fan response.

A necessary ‘evil’ that’s nice to play

The Resident Evil 3 remake was shown during PlayStation’s State of Play via Twitch Dec. 10, 2019.

Paige FTW: The Decade That Was

There has been a trend, as we depart the first decade of the millennium into the Roaring Twenties, to look back at the best games of the decade.