SP Rides

SP Rides: The Slayer

Washington is only 25 years old and was a former import fan, having a modified Mazdaspeed3. Of course, one test drive in this Camaro and the feeling of ultimate power scratched an itch he never knew he had. He loves the fact that the car has so much potential — drag racing, road racing, even autocrossing — the car can do whatever you want it to. However, since the swap, he’s upped the ante by modifying the already impressive Camaro into a night hunter.

SP Rides: Forever Blessed

From the beginning, John Gatchalian has been a fan of the Civic. Like David vs. Goliath, this small, affordable car takes on its much larger domestic competitors. Thanks to its extreme aftermarket and performance potential, the Civic just feels good to John.

SP Rides: Classic Coupe Done Right

Rodney Gouveia has always wanted to build a classic hot rod.  He’s always been into racing and racecars.  As his two sons got older, he ended up spending more time building the machines and watching them participate.  When the racetrack closed, there was no place left to do any racing, so the opportunity presented itself to take on that challenge he’s always wanted.

SP Rides: Youthful Enthusiasm

It’s incredible that the 1990s-era Honda Civic is still making enthusiasts out of our youth. It makes total sense. It’s incredibly affordable, has probably one of the largest aftermarkets out there, and the parts are easily interchangeable between models.

SP Rides: A Real Work of Art

When you build a car, sometimes it can be difficult to know where to go. This 1992 Ford Mustang Notchback has something of an identity crisis.

SP Rides: The ‘Wow’ Factor

Amber Edgeson is an automotive enthusiast who likes both domestics and imports. She grew up on American muscle and her first car was a 1964 Mustang.

SP Rides: Get Ready To Rumble

The second generation Chevrolet Camaro is an absolutely classic car. Compared to other generations, it stands out, thanks to its super memorable bodylines and aggressive stance.  Adrian Mansaw owns this stunning 1973 example, which has been reworked from the ground up to become something well beyond its original equipment.

SP Rides: Superbly Sporty Subaru

The FRS/BRZ are popular cars. The chassis is one of the best for modification and quite affordable. Street Pulse has had plenty of examples its cover.  So the question is — how do you stand out? Aquilla Kai Haavisto seems to have the answer.

SP Rides: Mad for Mazda

The Mazdaspeed3 is quite a car. It’s won numerous awards including appearances on Car and Driver’s 10 Best list for 2007, 2008 and 2010, and has competed against the best in the hot hatch category. The chassis is well-balanced, the engine is one of the best ever designed, it’s affordable and yet sporty.

SP Rides: Something Special

Efren Guitang Jr.’s current obsession is with the now obviously rebranded Toyota 86, formerly known as the Scion FR-S. The origins of the car were a return to form for Toyota to the affordable, lightweight, front-engine, rear wheel drive platform that harkened back to the days of the 1986 Toyota Corolla.