SP Rides: All The Right Angles


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Year, make, model: 1948 Ford Anglia
Owner: Junior Alimoot
Age: 59
Occupation: Contractor
Hobbies: Ocean sports, hot rods
Color: Teal
Engine: 355ci small block Chevy with 350 turbo transmission
Chassis: Custom frame with Ford Mustang 2 front end, Ford 9-inch rear end, wheelie bars
Exterior: All steel body, painted graphics, chromed and polished bumper, mirrors, headlights, turn signals, grille
Interior: Custom-designed carpeted interior, custom gauge display and dash, AM/FM/CD stereo, steering wheel with tilt steering, speaker system, B&M shifter and rumble seat
Wheels/tires: 18-inch Billet Specialties wheels, Mickey Thompson 31-by-18.5S, 165/80R15 rear

Back in the 1960s, as a child, Junior Alimoot would play football in the middle of the street in his neighborhood. On occasion, he’d egg on his neighbor to bring out his Ford Anglia and do some burnouts for him and his friends.  Those moments were responsible for 50 years of adoration. Every time he saw an Anglia, he’d take a moment to stop and check it out.  He dreamed of having one.

However, for his income level, owning an Anglia — the right Anglia — was hard for him.  There were plenty of examples that came his way throughout the years where the price was right but the car wasn’t. There was always too much to do to the car, but he was always aware of the amount and cost of the work needed to get it where it should be. Alimoot wanted that turnkey experience so that he could spend his time enjoying the ride as opposed to trying to put it all back together.

Finally, decades later, everything fell into place. Alimoot spied this 1948 Ford Anglia and made an offer for the vehicle. Although it was rejected at first, after two years eventually the opportunity presented itself again. After selling off a few more items and adjusting his personal finances, Alimoot became the proud owner of a perfect example. All it took was changing the title and registration, getting some gas, and turning the key.

This Anglia had been stored in a car capsule for eight years. It’s in fantastic shape. The paint is an absolutely gorgeous shade of teal and looks like it was painted yesterday. A smattering of paint details the sides in yellow, light blue and pink. This ride is fully custom, from the body to the interior. The body is all steel, which is extremely rare, with no fiberglass components. The body is also immaculate and non-chopped. It’s at a whole other level.

The details are all here — in polished and chrome metals such as the stylish front bumper components, the radiator grille and insets as well as the headlights and the additional trim such as the wipers and mirrors.

A 355 Chevy motor with a 350 turbo transmission helps to put down considerable chunk when it comes to the road. It’s splendid and well detailed — you could eat off of it while it radiates power from beneath the dual hood cowl.

The rear end is a Ford 9-inch shortened with a Mustang 2 front end. Of course, it has wheelie bars just in case it decides to take a stand — and with those huge Mickey Thompsons, you can better believe it could. Those tires are 31-by-18.5 — that is some serious tread patch — while the fronts provide 165/80R15 worth of directional control.

Finally, the interior is completely reworked with a custom dash, carpeted everything, a beautiful steering wheel and a B&M shifter on the floor. The sound system is included.

Alimoot doesn’t intend to ever sell this vehicle. It’s 100 percent his and it’s been his dream for 50 years. It manifested itself. It was meant to be and it certainly looks proper from every angle.