SP Rides: Built For Show and Go


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Year, make, model: 2019 Mercedes AMG C 63
Owner: Karriem Folger
Age: 43
Occupation: Department of Defense employee
Hobbies: Automotive
Color: 3M Satin Dark Gray vinyl wrap
Engine: Weistec W.4 turbos, Weistec water methanol injection kit, Weistec carbon fiber air intake system, Weistec VTA adapters, Eurocharged catless two-piece downpipes
Exterior: Fully wrapped by Shane Oliberos of Xero Wraps, blacked out chrome pieces, replaced OEM badges with black ones, tinted windows
Suspension: KW adjustable coilovers
Wheels: 20-inch 2019 Vossen HF3 coated in Satin Bronze, front tires are Michelin Pilot 4S size 255/30/20, Rear tires are Toyo R888R 305/35/30

Mercedes-Benz AMG has a reputation for luxurious quality. The Bi-Turbo AMG C 63 is also known for its 469 horsepower, 180 mph fire-snorting performance.  Karriem Folger, however, wasn’t satisfied and wanted more for this 2019 model.

No stranger to the tuning world, this car is the last in a varied lineup of import and euro models. However, this C 63 is truly special.  Featuring a nine-speed automatic drivetrain, the amount of power available after his chosen modifications is a tire-splitting 767 WHOP at 21 PSI of boost on race gas.  Thanks to Allain at 808 Performance Specialties, we’re talking brutal acceleration here — the kind that pins you back to your seat.

It took a healthy dose of modifications to reach this epic horsepower and the majority of it came from Weistec with the upgraded W.4 turbos that replace the OEM versions. In addition, there are a Weistec water-meth kit, carbon fiber airboxes, and a clean set of Eurocharged catless downpipes. Combined with a dyno-tune from Kevin at GOLABWORX, the feeling is incredible. Stomping down on the throttle runs you up the gears as quick as you can stab the paddle shifters with your fingers. With 350-plus more horsepower than stock, the difference in feeling is scary yet enormously satisfying.

Of course, the looks have to be appreciated as well. The clean, svelte lines of the OEM white body are even more shapely and shadowed thanks to the addition of a full wrap from Shane Oliberos of Xero Wraps. The color chosen was a 3M Satin Dark Gray, which captures and plays with the light in such a subtly incredible way. The vehicle’s already sexy lines are accentuated even further thanks to the gorgeous wrap. You’d also be hard pressed to tell the difference from a paint job or this wrap job. It’s stunning.

In addition to the body wrap, all of the chrome pieces including the front grill have been layered in a gloss black to tone down the strong chrome accents. Aftermarket black badges replace the stock ones, while a thin tint has been tied down to the rear taillights.

Tires are super important when it comes to putting this much power down, and although Folger struggled in the early days, eventually he swapped up to a combo of Michelin Pilot 4S on the front with Toyo R888R tires in the rear. All this rubber is wrapped around epic 20-inch 2019 Vossen HF3s that have been coated in Satin Bronze for a nice two-tone effect.

Folger built this car for both the show and the go. He firmly believes in the fact that it’s not just a show car — but that Mercedes can be a powerful contender.  Some say this is already the fastest Mercedes here — which makes sense since it’s the best or nothing.