SP Rides: Delicious Venom


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Year, make, model: 2007 BMW 335i
Owner: Jared Wilkin
Age: 32
Occupation: Wheeled vehicle mechanic, U.S. Army
Hobbies: Cars, family
Color: Avery Dennison Gloss White Diamond
Engine: Arm 5-inch stepped intercooler, VRSF charge pipe and inlet relocation kit, VRSF 3-inch catless downpipes, Precision Raceworks ignition coils set, muffler delete, aftermarket tips
Exterior: Wrapped, blacked out headlights and side markers, smoked out rear tails
Interior: Color-matched and wrapped interior pieces, Android receiver with tuning software, diamond-stitched floor mats, BMW logo door lights 
Suspension: Raceland coilovers
Wheels/tires: 19-inch ADR Design wheels wrapped and color matched, Federal 595 Evo 245/35ZR19 tires

Jared Wilkin’s first car happened to be a modified 350z, but that’s no longer his ride of choice. Upon being deployed to Germany, the Z was forced to stay behind, necessitating a change of pace for him while on-station. Soon he was driving Audis and GTis.  From that point on, he became accustomed to and appreciative of the European experience.

Upon return to the state, the birth of his baby necessitated a further change. A two-seater sportscar was no longer going to be a comfortable option, so after some haggling with a dealership, he came home with this 2007 BMW 335i, which also happened to be black at the time.

Wilkin has always been a fan of the Marvel character Venom and the original theme was meant to be all about that. However, he’s changed up the design. The first thing you’re going to notice is that it’s been wrapped in a scintillating vinyl called Gloss White Diamond. It’s bright — it’s shiny. It’s definitely eye-popping and it was hand-wrapped by Wilkin and his friend Ryan.  The roof was also wrapped for a two-tone effect just shy of the panda effect.

The vehicle sits low on Raceland coilovers, which combined with the meaty tread of the tires, proves to be a very nice separation of black and white. To further that effect, the 19-inch ADR Design wheels were wrapped to match the body a day before this shoot.  It’s an experiment that appears to have worked out rather well and is very pleasing to the eyes.

The engine is unique. It’s full bolt-on, but it looks amazing, thanks to the bright white engine cover and contrasting VRSF charge pipe and inlet relocation kit that features red intake filters. An ARM 5-inch stepped intercooler and VRSF 3-inch catless downpipes add additional power as well, thanks to the muffler delete. A Precision Raceworks ignition coils set has also been installed and combined with the MHD tune, now at a Stage 2 Plus, the car is not only quick, it’s a heckuva lot more fun. He’s even got aftermarket tips to add a little more to the look.

The interior hasn’t been neglected, featuring some fantastic floor mats that add to the upscale look, while the receiver features custom Android apps capable of running all of his tuning software directly on the deck.  He’s got a rolling tuner built right in.

Wilkin is just about making it unique. He believes you should make it your own without following the trends. He’s got an amazing setup with this ride — enough to think it’s absolutely delicious.