SP Rides: Dynamic Duo: The Blue Mango


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Year, make, model: 1973 Toyota Corolla TE27 SR
Owner: Robby Chipley
Age: 56
Occupation: The Frameman
Hobbies: Cars and bikes
Color: Blue Candy Pearl with Silver Mini Flakes
Engine: Built 3TC, serpentine belt system, dual side draft chrome Webers, Velocity stacks, MSD ignition, ceramic headers, Borla exhaust
Exterior: $8,000 in new chrome, all plastic is triple-dipped, car was totally stripped to the shell and restored.
Interior: Brand-new interior with red piping. 
Transmission: Toyota Hi Lux transmission, Hi Lux rear end
Wheels/tires: BRE 14-by-8 Bosozuk fronts, BRE 14-by-10 Bosozuk rear wheels, Toyo Proxes in 195/45R14 front and 225/40R14s rears

In the last issue, we covered the first vehicle of the affectionately named “Dynamic Duo.” Now, let’s talk about the other which is this 1973 Toyota Corolla SR, also known as The Blue Mango. Built by master craftsman Robby Chipley and Billy Ogami, this incredible beauty is of the same ilk and breed, but is undoubtedly highly prized in a world full of mangos.”

This is an actual Corolla TE27 SR unlike the clone in the previous issue. Beyond that, if you were to compare the two, this blue wonder is a bit of a more modern approach than the traditional take before it.  Japanese domestic market (JDM) inspired, the exterior features plastic detailing that has been triple-dipped in chrome along with beautiful chrome over-fenders. The body is slathered in a stunning tricoated blue candy pearl paint with custom mini flakes. The overall effect is striking and so clean you could eat off it. In fact, the entire vehicle was stripped to a bare shell and then lovingly restored to its current look.

Unlike the turbo monster featured in the previous issue, this baby features a naturally aspirated and built 3TC fitted with a serpentine belt system, and dual side draft Webers with some sick velocity stacks. MSD ignition, ceramic headers, and a Borla exhaust help to make additional spark and power. The transmission and rear end is taken from a Toyota Hi Lux, so you know it can take a beating. Overall, although shorter on power than the previous feature, this baby is all revs and can still get the job done when the throttle is slammed to the floor. Not bad for a 47-year-old car, huh?

Putting the power to the pavement are some very rare, Japanese only, Bozosuk BRE 14-by-8 fronts and BRE 14-by-10 rear wheels. Toyo Proxes in 195/45R14 front and 225/40R14s are snuggly fitted over these gorgeous polished lip wheelers.

Of course, the same phenomenal attention to detail was given to the interior, which also was completely replaced with custom leather seats stitched with red piping. Many of the original control components are still in place, however, such as the classic wood steering wheel, stick shift and classic wood-grained dash. Even the flooring has been replaced to give it that new car carpet smell.

When it comes down to it, Chipley and Ogami make an incredible team. They’re constantly putting out rides that are the envy of everyone who lays eyes on them. One mango, two mangos, three mangos — four?  You never know what’s next on the horizon. We’ll have to keep our eyes on this incredible partnership.