SP Rides: Form Over Function


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Year, make, model: 2015 Subaru WRX
Owner: Alex Haavisto
Age: 26
Occupation: U.S. Navy
Hobbies: Cars
Color: Lightning Red with black vinyl graphics
Engine: Custom bumper exit exhaust, SoCal V3 turbo, KillerB headers with dual Tial EWG, ETS 3.5-inch FMIC, Perrin turbo inlet and intake, EGR and TGV deletes, Tial QR, IAG AOS, Grimmspeed EBCS
Interior: We Are Likewise shift knob, We Are Likewise Suzuka extension, We Are Likewise e-brake button, Bride boots
Exterior: Custom floating emblem, carbon fiber grille border, SBTK fog light deletes, SubiSpeed headlights, SpecD Tuning taillights, custom exhaust shield, HT Autos Bottomline lip kit, Visual Autowerks custom window vents
Chassis/Driveline: Aluminati solid mounts (engine, transmission, pitch stop, crossmember bushings), Perrin Pitch Stop Brace, Perrin shifter bushing, custom rear bash bar with jack point 
Suspension: Front — Broadway Static 100k coilovers, Racer X LCA, Racer X outer tie rod ends, Out of System top hats, Whiteline camber bolts, Rear — Broadway Static 100k coilovers, Parts Shop aMax LCA, Racer X UCA, Voodoo13 toe arms
Wheels: Avant Garde F431, 18-by-10.5 staggered negative offset, Achilles ATR 215/40, Project Kics lug nuts

If there’s anything that I’ve learned since photographing vehicles of every make and model for the past eight years, it’s that people like what they like. Everyone has their own taste or style and what’s most important is being true to yourself.  This is quite possibly the most stanced car that’s ever been on the cover of Street Pulse. It’s wild. It’s different. There are people out there that will be shaking their heads about right now.  However, for Alex Haavisto, that’s what makes it so special.

Haavisto is definitely OK with being about form over function. From the get-go, he wanted to do something totally different to stand out from the crowd. Stance is something that he’s really into although this is a style that’s not really prevalent here in Hawaii — most likely due to the state of our roadways.  I’m sure you’ve already noticed that this ride doesn’t look exactly normal. The camber in this vehicle is insane.  Function fanatics beware!

The wheels are insane.  Gorgeous (and expensive) 18-by-10.5-inch Avant Garde F431s are set to some seriously negative camber. It’s all done for the look and it certainly provides a dramatic effect. It’s not some chintzy setup either. A serious amount of structural revamping has occurred to provide this level of fitment that includes a custom set of Broadway Static 100k coil-overs with custom spring rates. All of the arms have been modified with solid spherical bushings while also being extended. Tie rod ends, top hats, camber bolts and toe arms have all been modified to make this look work. The fender linings have been removed and the under-fender areas have been massaged to fit this massive camber. It has been done in a professional manner that screams quality.

The wildness continues on the exterior that features a custom floating Subaru emblem, carbon fiber grille border and a mix of aftermarket lighting. An HT Autos Bottomline lip kit helps add some flair while Visual Autowerks window vents give a duality for the look — broken hearts on one side with whole ones on the other. One of the most obvious pieces is the custom exhaust shield, which is what the whole heart theme originated from. The exhaust of this car actually exits from the driver’s side front bumper.

That’s what we’re talking about — the custom bumper exit exhaust was made specifically for Haavisto and is the second in the nation to be featured as such. A SoCal V3 turbo provided with KillerB headers and an ETS front mount intercooler adds some more oomph. There are more ports hidden within, but what’s most interesting is the fact that he’s switched the powertrain mounts to solid. You can feel your teeth rattle when you drive this baby, but most importantly it provides a level of feedback that simply makes it the max for Haavisto.

There are some interior mods as well, but as a whole, this is all about Haavisto building for himself. He’s not into sacrificing quality though. This build is completely pro-level even though it’s out-of-the-ordinary when it comes to its stance.  It’s form over function and Haavisto is perfectly happy with that.