SP Rides: Four Doors with the Works


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Year, make, model: 2015 Subaru WRX
Owner: Jaxiel Batista
Age: 21
Occupation: United States Marine Corps
Hobbies: Cars, hanging with friends, adventures
Engine: IAG stage 2+ Tuff block (built at PhatBottiTuning), ARP 2000 head studs, Killerb oil pickup, Killerb windage tray, KillerbOil pan, Killerb coolant expansion tank, Fuimoto oil drain, GSC stage 2 cams, GSC beehive springs and Ti retainers, GSC valve guides, GSC valve seals, ATPGTX3076R, Cosworth intake manifold, NGK iridium 1-step colder spark plugs, Turbosmart race blow off valve, Turbosmart fuel pressure regulator with gauge, IAGfuel lines, IAG fuel rails, Injector Dynamics 1000cc Injectors — replace, AEM320LPH fuel pump — replace, Perrin 3-inch intake inlet, IAG phenolic 8mmspacers, Koyo radiator, HPS silicone radiator hoses, Grimspeed 3-port boostcontroller, Kartboy pitch stop mount, PTP turbo blanket, Tial 44mm blueWastegate with external dump, Invidia cataless downpipe, Tomei equal length header with wrap, Tomei up-pipe, Cusco motor and transmission mounts, IAG Comp Air OilSeparator, KS Tech big MAF Intake, Perrin front mount Intercooler with blackpiping, D-Jetro MAF-less, AEM 4-bar MAP sensor, GM IAT temp sensor, AquamistHFS4 with 5-liter tank (trunk mounted for easy access), Tomei Ti Extreme Exhaust, Apexi exhaust control valve (quieter cold starts for neighbors),Cusco clutch line, Radium brake brace
Exterior: OLM Rear F1 light, RallyarmorUR mudflaps, APR front air dam, APR Windsplitter, Morimoto XB foglights, APR GTC-300 WING, 2018 Subaru WRX bumper conversion, Custom Subiespeed DLR bezel with color chasing RGB strip, Seibon carbon hood, S208 rear bumper vents, SubieSpeedOLM rear tailights, custom quad projector headlights with color chasing halos
Suspension: Fortune Auto/Cygnus Performance X-1 coilovers custom valved for 8-12 kg/mm (10 kg/mm installed), Superpro rear sway bar and end links, Super-pro rear sway bar mount brace, Superpro rear subframe upper andlower inserts, Superpro front sway bar bushings, Whiteline diff inserts, Whitelinelower diff mount inserts, Superpro gearbox crossmember bushings, Superpro front-shifter bushing, Superpro Steering rack bushing, Cobb rear shift bushing
Transmission: Kartboy short shifter, Driveshaft shop one piece carbon driveshaft, ActionClutch Stage 3 with Stage 5 buttons, Competition Clutch lightweightflywheel, Whiteline anti-bump steer kit, goodridge ss brake lines, ATEtype200 brake fl uid, Hawk HP+ brake pads front and rear, Cusco rear lowercamber arms
Wheels: Rays Gram Lights 57 DR Wheels(Rainbows End Powder Coat)

Although this isn’t Jaxiel Batista’s first modded vehicle, it quite simply is the one with the works. Quite fitting considering this is a Subaru WRX STi, one of the most powerful four door vehicles on the market. For Batista, being able to comfortably bring his friends along was an important reason for choosing the Subie — throw in the fact that this ride is a modifications powerhouse and you’ve got a pretty sweet deal.

As part of Team Elevate, a huge part of Batista’s focus is on the go and show for the scene. In that regard, he’s taken it to the next level when it comes to the engine build. From the beginning, he wanted a reliable build and this ride already had a built IAG stage 2+ Tuff block that was customed by PhatBotti Tuning. This STi had literally everything he needed included; this was the perfect opportunity to save money and time.

When it comes to the engine, this ride has an incredibly dense list of modifications — absolute gobs of it. ARP 2000 head studs, a ton of KillerB parts, GSC components to include Stage 2 cams, Ti Retainers, valve guides, seals, a Cosworth intake manifold, blow off valve — the list goes on and on. Just one look at this baby sitting in the engine bay is enough to know it isn’t ordinary. This engine is special, and it looks the part.

Batista is most proud of the look He’s taken the OEM look and tastefully turned it into a street machine to be proud of. It’s aggressive and it looks the part of its engine build. Although this is a 2015, it has a 2018 front bumper combined with an APR front lip and splitter with attached struts. This helps its aerodynamic performance.

He’s also chosen a Seibon carbon fiber hood for its light weight and cooling capabilities thanks to its vented design. The rear diffuser is by Airflow Dynamics. Originally, he was going to opt-out, but the quality design and price point made it impossible to resist.

Aftermarket taillights featuring a slick LED design and blacked out housings follow up the rear and compliment the APR GT carbon fiber GT style wing. Even the headlights have received some trick Subie stars and honeycomb inserts paired with custom quad projector headlights with color chasing halos.

The vehicle is lowered on Fortune Auto/Cygnus Performance X-1 coil-overs that are custom valved and combined with Rays Gram Lights 57DR wheels that have been powder-coated with a Rainbow’s End color that absolutely blazes in the light. The name is apt and appropriate for the rainbow effect it presents.

Yes, the interior has been customized with an array of additions to include slick floormats, Wet Okole seat covers, and an entire audio system upgrade concluding with an 8-inch Digital Design microsub paired with Kicker front and rear speakers.

The theme for this vehicle is the track look while also being able to actually perform as expected. Batista believes in his build and recommends that you trust in your own process for your build. Don’t do it for the clout, or the crowd.

Set your goals and follow through.