SP Rides: Just a Little Bit Different


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Year, make, model: 2014 Chrysler 300 SRT CORE
Owner: Masa Cabalar (with wife Nadine)
Age: 52
Occupation: Ready-mix driver
Hobbies: Family and cruising
Engine: 6.4L V8, Billet Tech Dressi Up, Drake front strut bar, UPR oil catch can, K&N cold air intake, dual Flowmaster 40s
Exterior: Ceramic coating
Suspension: Eibach lowering springs
Wheels/brakes/tires: 20-by-8.5/20-by-10 TSWs, Brembo Brakes, Goodyear F1 245/45ZR20s

Masa Cabalar has been tinkering with cars since he was 14 and his first car was a 1974 Toyota Celica.  Bugs, mini-trucks and 4-by-4s were soon to follow. However, at this point in his life, he’s always wanted a V8.  One that has air conditioning, one that you can drive every day without fixing it, and one that his wife, Nadine, could enjoy as well.

Enter this big, bad, black beast. A 2014 Chrysler 300 SRT8 CORE. Cabalar loves it because it’s not as common as most, has a mix of both luxury and performance, and it has the power of a 6.4L V8 under the hood. Purchased new from the dealer, this one-owner beauty is a bit rare — being one of only 55 made, and one of 12 in this specific color.

It’s obviously a very intimidating sort of luxury ride. Although the inside is like sitting in a well-appointed cabin fit for a king, the exterior is massively menacing.  Knowing that a 470-plus horsepower engine resides just behind the SRT8 labeled chrome-grill is a statement to those in the know.

When originally purchased, Cabalar wanted to be heard coming, so the first thing to be added was the dual Flowmaster 40s, installed by Exhaust Systems Hawaii in Waipahu. The grumble is definitely a rumble with this bad boy. A Whipple Supercharger is next on the modifications list, but due to its rarity and already blistering performance, the power mods are light.

This baby is meant for cruising at night to the car meets, so the engine bay is the spotlight of this ride.  First of all, it’s lit up like a Christmas tree with exotic LEDs that color change at the press of a button. “We cruise at night — you gotta be able to see the engine bay!” Cabalar said.

The engine is dressed up like a party with various components from Billet Tech. A Drake front strut bar and UPR oil catch can help with stability and overflow. An upgrade in the form of a K&N cold air intake helps to provide some more air to digest as well.

The car’s stance is dropped, and thanks to Eibach lowering springs this baby rides a little lower. Being more color coordinated was important to Cabalar, so he swapped out the OEM wheels for 20-inch TSWs from Rad Motosports wrapped in Goodyear F1s.  Each of these is given some highlights with red anodized lug nuts and stem tips to match the current color scheme.

The clean black exterior is unmodified but well protected, thanks to a ceramic coating done by Premium Car Car Hawaii. The interior is fairly untouched, but clean and well maintained, and that keeps the wifey and co-owner/co-pilot happy.

“I like my car because you rarely see this new gen on the island. It’s something a little different,” Cabalar said.

That’s pretty nice considering he runs with a mass of domestic muscle with the Mopar 808 club. A little luxury in a sea of brute force — nice.