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Year, make, model: 1991 Honda NSX
Name: Joe O’Mara
Age: 26
Occupation: Navy
Hobbies: Cars, working out, hiking
Color: KPMF Blue/Black iridescent wrap
Engine: GRF-EX001 JDM Final Edition Exhaust, Pride Stainless Headers, Route-KS Suzuka-GT NSX carbon fiber maintenance lid, Koyo radiator, Dali racing coolant rank, Cedar Ridge locking timing belt tensioner, ScienceOfSpeed red anodized billet camshaft plugs, ScienceOfSpeed billet aluminum fuse box cover, ScienceOfSpeed Honda intake manifold cover plate, Honda JDM chromed factory oil cap
Exterior: KPMF Blue/Black iridescent wrap, KPMF Black Gloss roof wrap by Downforce NSX-R carbon fiber hood, Pride Modulo carbon fiber spoiler, Pride Carbon spoon mirrors, Pride Carbon rear window garnish, GruppeM aero side skirts, Wings West front lip, Wings West rear spats, custom winged diffuser, the theNSXshop S2K antenna conversion, XKGlow million color underglow, JDM Honda fog lights, 3k HID kit, theNSXshop LED turn signal kit, theNSXshop HID headlight kit
Interior: BRIDE GIAS V1 LowMax seats, BRIDE Super Seat Rails RO-type, BRIDE red seat belt shoulder pads, Junction Produce neck pads, NSX-R mesh shift boot, theNSXshop burned titanium Type S / Zanardi style shift knob, JDM Honda navigation pod, ScienceOfSpeed 7in IPS LCD screen and mounting Kit, JDM Pioneer double-din AV-ZH007, ScienceOfSpeed display pod mounting bracket, JDM Carrozzeria ETC system, Eclipse Auto cameras front and rear, JDM Honda steering wheel emblem, LED interior lighting kit, Viper alarm with killswitch 
Suspension: Megan Racing coilovers, Bilstein shocks
Wheels/tires: Volk Racing TE37SL pressed graphite, Volk Racing Rays locking hex lugs, NITTO Neo Gen tires

The Honda NSX is a marvel of engineering and a legend in its own right. It’s long considered Japan’s first supercar and originated during a time when the biggest names were Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche.  The NSX was Japan’s first entry to the worldwide stage of exotic performance. Some would say it’s still yet to be matched for it’s sure brilliance.

One of those is Joe O’Mara, who owns this pristine 1991 Honda NSX.  Yes — it’s a 1991, yet the iconic design is timeless. And thanks to O’Mara’s help, it’s taken to another level of legendary.

O’Mara has always been surrounded by cars — in the early days it was domestic muscle, and even at his young age of 26, he’s owned more than 20 different vehicles. When he was even younger, O’Mara was introduced to both the military and Fast & Furious — two themes when combined that equated to opportunity and an introduction to the JDM (Japanese domestic market) lifestyle of fast import cars.

Although O’Mara has owned 240s, a 350Z, and even a Tesla, his dream car has always been the NSX — and rightfully so, considering this car’s incredibly history.  The original mold was designed by Pininfarina, already known for some of the most exotic designs, and was formed through Honda’s incredible engineering team — after a good shakedown by Aryton Senna.

So how do you make an all-aluminum Japanese exotic even better? O’Mara took this ride from bone-stock to the wonder you see on these pages. The first thing you’ll notice are the XKGlow LED-lit, exquisite lines of the body — featuring a full KPMF Blue/Black Iridescent vinyl wrap combined with a Black Gloss roof wrap. This is paired with the Downforce NSX-R carbon fiber hood and Pride Modulo carbon fiber spoiler for excellent aerodynamics.

The Pride Carbon Spoon mirrors are sleek and stylish when combined with the GruppeM Aero side skirts and Wings West front lip and spats. The end result is quite the looker, but almost stealth in nature, thanks to the dark blue beauty.

The wheels and suspension have been modified appropriately. In fact, it was one of the first things done to the car and one of the most impactful. The Volk Racing TE37SLs have a polished lip and are in Pressed Graphite. When combined with the Megan Racing coil-overs, the cornering potential in this already phenomenal car is massively improved.

Engine-wise, the NSX has been given a performance-enhancing refresh, with great reliability mods like the Koyo Radiator and Dali Racing coolant tank. Additional power is provided with the Pride stainless headers and GRF-EX001 JDM Final Edition exhaust.

The cockpit is well managed as well, featuring BRIDE GIAS V1 LowMax seats in the bright red fabric they’re known for. Plenty of details and flourishes are throughout the cabin like the Zanardi style shift knob and the various electronics like the LCD screen and Pioneer double-din receiver.

This is the ultimate dream car for O’Mara. He’s put his all into making it into an exotic street machine. We’re just lucky enough to be along for the ride.