SP Rides: Looking ‘presidential’


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Year, make, model: 2002 Infiniti Q45
Owner: Ryan Pasion
Age: 38
Occupation: shuttle driver
Hobbies: cars
Color: Jet Black
Exterior: JDM Nissan President PGF50 conversation, Aimgain body kit and spoilers, custom LED floral print taillights, suicide doors
Interior: Custom front and rear upholstery diamond stitching with back rest, diamond stitching door panels,JDM President passenger seat with rear footrest, custom tables and floor mats with LED, chandelier 
Trunk: Custom airbags management box, infinity mirror
Suspension: Airbags, Accuair management, Universal airbags, BC struts, 326 power camber kit, SPL camber
Wheels/tires: 19-inch Weds Kranze Bazreia with 13.5 front, 14 rear, Nexen NFera tires

Ryan Pasion has been on the scene for a while. He’s done everything from drag racing to VIP when it comes to his rides. In fact, most would probably expect him to build a Honda to tear up the track. With no track currently, however — what do you do? You enjoy everything in the lap of luxury.  And that’s what Pasion is rolling with — straight luxury.

This 2002 Infiniti Q45 is known as the President edition in Japan. It’s rare here but there it’s marketed as Nissan’s flagship sedan. It’s the ultimate. Which makes its appearance in the U.S. a stand out. The premium package on this ride features unique headlights that look epic and complicated at the same time. The tails are even crazier with a custom interior floral design that matches the upgraded interior. Straight from Japan, even the front fascia including the hood and grill, have been swapped out to the PGF50 design to represent in Presidential style.

The entire ride is dropped on airbag suspension with Universal air bags and air struts featuring Accuair management and installed in a fantastic rear trunk enclosure. It’s like looking into an endless image as the setup features a custom designed infinity mirror, which is highly appropriate considering the car. It features Weds Wheels Kranze in polished, deep-dish 19-inch versions that look gorgeous when combined with the black glossy paint and silver embellishments across the entire vehicle.

 Let’s talk about what Pasion loves the most and is obviously one of the standout features — the full-on custom rear suicide doors. Talk about a statement — first, they allow easy access to the luxurious rear compartment and second they’re incredibly modified. The guts had to be replaced, the door handles shaved and moved to a new location, and new mechanisms and hinges created to make this work perfectly. They’re amazing.

The custom pleated, diamond-stitched shaped interior is gorgeous, sumptuous even. It’s fully custom with several different styles of accompaniments. Just look at the chandelier! In addition, there are color-change glass displays, a full wet bar console and even footrests for the rear passengers. The front has also received the same treatments. If you’re lucky enough to be a passenger in this ride, you are literally living the high life.

When it comes to his builds, Pasion is a true visionary. He envisions his goal and then makes it happen. He’s the playmaker and this ride is full on representative — Presidential even.