SP Rides: Sweet European Style


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Year, make, model: 2007 BMW 335i
Owner: Dominic Chiavacci
Age: 24
Occupation: U.S. Marine Corps
Hobbies: Cars
Color:  3M Light Ivory wrap
Engine: JB4 tune, VRSF catless downpipes, HKS blow off valve, ECS charge pipe, custom exhaust, Alpine transmission tune
Exterior: Carbon fiber rear wing
Interior: Color-matched console and dash, air management controls
Suspension: AirTekk air struts, Airlift management
Wheels: 19-inch Miro 111 wheels with BMW center caps, Michelin Pilot Sport 295/30ZR19 tires

Dominic Chiavacci has a true love for the European. The admiration was practically handed down to him by his genetics. His father enjoyed BMWs and his uncle owned an auto service shop dedicated to building Volkswagens.  His first car was a 1996 BMW E36 and since then, he’s gradually expanded on both his tastes and his ride.

Currently, he’s rocking this fantastic BMW 335i. It’s a 2007 model that has been under meticulous care of one owner until falling into Chiavacci’s hands. The result is a vehicle that is in perfect condition as a base platform for modification. And although an M3 would have been nice, this 335i is more than capable as a twin-turbo inline 6 that’s ready to play.

The entire body has been wrapped in a 3M vinyl called Light Ivory which has a stunning look that almost convinces you it’s painted on. Thanks to the clean lines, the wrap flows perfectly over every part of the body and truly represents some seriously professional wrap work.

The vehicle is obviously dropped low over its Miro 111 wheels which bounce light like nobody’s business. After a deployment, Chiavacci had some expendables and therefore went for a fantastic air suspension system. The package is from AirTekk and includes air struts as well as an air management component that allows for adjustment on the fly. This allows him to slam it to the ground or stay high and dry over the mean streets of Oahu.

Chiavacci wasn’t really concerned with trying to make the ride super fancy as his whole reasoning was performance. Unlike a lot of other rides, with a few simple mods, you can be really pushing the performance in the 335i.  This is a fact that’s not wasted on Chiavacci whose overall goal was simply to get a car and make it fast.

Just a few simple bolt-ons really bring the car into a new level of enjoyment. An HKS blow off valve is combined with an ECS charge pipe, VRSF catless downpipes and a full-on custom exhaust for additional performance.  Engine management has been handled with a JB4 tune while an Alpine transmission tune helps keep everything tied for getting the power down.

The interior is a fantastic mix of red leather vinyl with a color matched dash and console. The rear trunk features a custom air tank installation for the suspension that has been installed efficiently and attractively.

As far as why Chiavacci enjoys the car scene, he really enjoys the culture. It’s fun meeting people who have no other shared interests beyond being an enthusiast yet knowing that’s enough to become amazing friends with them. Oahu is fantastic for this because people are passionate and an altogether great community.  Chiavacci is heading back to the East Coast and one of the things he’ll miss most is the camaraderie.

With a sweet BMW like this, we’re pretty sure he’ll make new friends wherever he goes.