SP Rides: The Green Goblin


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Year, make, model: 2008 BMW 135i
Owner: Ryan Kanuch
Age: 27
Occupation: Mechanic, U.S. Army
Hobbies: Building and wrapping cars, skateboarding, music
Color: Oracal Gloss Fern Tree Green
Engine: Active Autowerkes catless downpipes, Active Autowerkes charge pipe and blow off valve, VRSF 7-inch front mount intercooler, BMS dual cone intake, N55 catless mid pipes with resonator delete, Revshift poly motor mounts and trans mounts, MHD stage 2+ tune
Exterior: 1M front bumper, custom blacked out 3/4 DTM halo headlights, DP style carbon fiber lip, M tech carbon fiber diffuser, vinyl wrapped with Oracal Gloss Fir Tree Green, roof wrapped with Vvivid gloss carbon fiber, Smoked LED side markers
Interior: Aza Autowheel flat bottom steering wheel with red “M” button, Eurocustoms red gauge overlays, Instrument cluster orange to white LED swap, red push to start button, Avin Android 10.25-inch idrive retrofit, black Alcantara shift boot and e-brake boot, Black Forest Industries weighted red leather shift knob, custom black microsuede headliner, carbon fiber interior trim
Suspension/wheels: Airrex digital management with Wi-Fi add on, Airlift Performance double bellow front and rear kit, JNC 043 18-by-8.5/18-by-9.5, Federal Evoluzion ST-1

No Sometimes things happen — that end up making things worse, but for the better. Ryan Kanuch, owner of this 2008 BMW 135i, fell into being a euro enthusiast after purchasing a used Audi. He needed new motor mounts but as a new private in the U.S. Army he couldn’t afford to pay anyone to do the job. After lacing up his boots, and diving in, Kanuch just did it himself.  It felt so rewarding that now he modifies rides as a serious hobby.

Kanuch has had many rides and each has been a learning experience. Even at the young age of 27, this man has owned dozens of Audis and BMWs. It’s just in his blood at this point.  Ryan has a bit of an addiction. He styles his cars, and drives them for a while until he’s ready to do a new project.

Enter the Green Goblin.  I’d say he’s become attached to it as he’s actually created an IG account for this car (bummer_e82), and it’s blowing up. He’s never really been into showcasing his rides but he’s decided to keep this one.  He’s been enjoying the connection he has to this ride.

And why not? It’s definitely different for the BMW crowd. First, the entire ride is wrapped in Oracal Gloss Fir Green, done by Kanuch himself, and it looks epic. Looks-wise, the next thing that stands out is the headlights which have been fully custom modified by Kanuch as well. He’s blacked out the headlights and then installed ¾ DTM halos by plastic welding them in place along with the associated wiring.  They look fantastic.

Air Rex suspension is practically mandatory on the mean streets of Oahu, and this ride lucked out with a sweet find from a self-storage sale. Digital management allows some sweet drop and tuck over the super bright white JNC 043 wheels in 18-by-8.5 in the front and 18-by-9.5 in the rear. It’s all clad in Federal Evoluzion ST-1s for some rubber on the road.

Even the interior has been treated well with many accents to provide some unique flavor.  Red is the chosen one thanks to highlights that include the Aza Autowheel flat bottom steering wheel, the Eurocustoms red gauge overlays, a red push-to-start button, and a Black Forest Industries shift knob.

Power-wise, this twin-turbo machine has all of the requisite bolt-ons to include catless downpipes, an Active Autowerkes charge pipe and blow-off valve as well as the BMS dual cone intake visible in the bay.  In addition to the VRSF front mount intercooler the entire setup is managed by an MHD Stage 2+ tune for some extra power.

When it comes down to it — the inspiration came from going outside Kanuch’s comfort zone. The wheels and exterior are a bit different than the usual. His favorite experiences thus far have been the public’s reaction to it.  Many people really love this ride’s look.  Just knowing that he did the work himself gives him a sense of satisfaction that just can’t be beat.