SP Rides: Wide is the Word


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Year, make, model: 2013 Audi S4
Owner: Jason Helm
Age: 46
Occupation: Refinery operator/firefighter
Hobbies: Cars, archery, firearms
Color: 3M Satin Gray
Engine: ECS Tuning intake, ECS Tuning valvetronic exhaust, PLM large heat exchanger, Integrated Engineering 104-octane tune, CTS Turbo supercharge and crank pulleys, IE DSG tune
Exterior: XenonzUK flares, DIY hand laid carbon fiber, ECS tuning carbon fiber front splitter, ECS Tuning carbon fiber antenna, Carbon Imports side skirts, Carbon Imports spoiler, Carbon Imports rear diffuser, Carbon Imports mirror caps, handmade front canards, APR rear canards, front, rear, and windshield cameras, RS style grill, Detail Garage Hawaii products
Suspension/trunk: AirLift 3P management, AirLift bags, RSNav 10.25-inch Android stereo, Kicker DX1000.1 amp, Kicker subwoofer
Wheels/tires: 19-by-12 Altstadt wheels built by Sensei6, 285/30r19 Federal Evo tires

Jason Helm has been surrounded by and modifying cars since he was 16 in 1989. The beginning of the import craze was just about to begin. In the early days, it was all about the Honda Accords and Preludes that were beginning to set the scene on fire. From there, Helm went on to hydraulic mini-trucks and then to racing in 2000.  After working with Rad Motorsports, he became a mechanic by trade and started running a Dodge Neon in the quarter mile.

Of course, as he got older, he began to dabble in the luxury markets — first Mercedes and then finally Audi after tiring of the aforementioned. One day, he saw a photo of a wide body version and his heart sang. With it only being one of four in the world, Helm wanted and needed to build it. He acquired this 2013 Audi S4 for the build. He already had an A4 but it didn’t have the suitable amount of power.

First off came the transition from the A4 to the S4 — the air suspension, the sound system, all were an immediate swap.  This consisted of an Airlift 3P management system with the required bags and tank as well as the Kicker DX1000.1 amp and subwoofer. All of this was ported directly into a super custom and incredibly well-made trunk setup that features color change LEDs that light up an impressive hand cut Audi logo. In a word, it looks pro-level and most importantly it retains room for the OEM rear tire setup.

What are probably the most noticeable are the widebody modifications — and that took some guts.  These includes bits and pieces of carbon fiber from the front splitter all the way to the rear diffuser. Helm had the courage to cut into the body to install the fender flares. The result is an aggressive look that reminds one of the Audi GT3 cars. These are one-off flares that are covered in real carbon fiber, hand laid by Helm after six months of learning. In fact, all of the work done on this ride is by Helm, which amounts to over one year of building — every chance he had.

Combined with the kit are some of the most gorgeous set of wheels you’ll see — 19-by-12 Altstadt wheels built by Sensei6. What makes these wheels unique is the fact that they’re not polished. They’re powder coated with a transparent copper lip that is insane, and 285/30R19 Federal EVO tires provide the wrap for the wheels, and all of it looks smashing combined with the 3M vinyl wrap in Satin Gray that surrounds the body.

Of course, we must have some go with the show, so the engine has been worked over with a CTS Turbo supercharger with a dual pulley and 104-octane tune from Integrated Engineering. Additional components from ECS help to bring the power up to be just as fast as it looks — 500 horsepower was enough.

All in all, what’s most important to Helm is whether or not he could do this by himself.  One look at this ride says it all. He certainly has