SP Rides

SP Rides: Street Fighter

Growing up, Brandon Latun was a hardcore off road truck enthusiast who dabbled a little in dirt bikes as well. Fast forward to today, and he’s sitting behind what is essentially a domestic attack fighter, built for high-speed engagements.

SP Rides: That Crazy Hypnotoad

Three years ago, this 2014 Nissan Juke NISMO RS looked totally different.  Thanks to its unique stock exterior, it was fairly froggy, yet covered in pitch black and unassuming. 

SP Rides: Grandpa’s Little Angel

In many ways, enthusiast vehicles can represent something greater than the machinery that they’re made of.   For some, they are something more, an ideal or vision, or a remembrance for example. In this case, this 2005 Suzuki Hayabusa represents loss and healing for a grandfather whose family means everything.

SP Rides: Sweet Like Candy

Since a young age, Arvee Haduca, has been a bit of a mix. Growing up around an uncle who was into Vdubs, she had a knack for walking into a toy store and then walking out with both a Barbie and a Hot Wheels.

SP Rides: Absolutely Classic

Sometimes a tribute can mean just as much as the original…at least to Jarrod Silcox, the owner of this incredible 1967 Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS Yenko.  Although it’s not a real Yenko Super Camaro, it’s essentially in-line with the spirit and a perfect example of a man who knows what he wants in a car.

SP Rides: The Flyin’ Falcon

Like many classic car enthusiasts, Roy Holmes was practically born into it.  His father did it all…drag racing, mechanic, welder.  He was one of the first in Norwalk, Ohio to go 8 or 9 seconds in a Camaro with all drum brakes.

SP Rides: The Big Bad Wolf

The 3rd Generation Focus RS is the car the US should have gotten all along.  For years, the US received a vehicle that could be considered subpar to the rest of its global counterparts. 

SP Rides: Unleashing The Beast

Originally born in the Philippines, Raphael “Raff” Castillo is a performance enthusiast. Since he was a young child, he’s been involved in some sort of automotive passion whether he was bonding with his Uncle’s drag race ’72 Corolla SR or his infatuation with Hachirokus. 

SP Rides: Speed Demon

The Repsol brand is synonymous with winning.  In fact, it’s one of the most successful MotoGP racing teams that has ever existed while also dabbling in Formula One as well as Rallying.

SP Rides: Getting it Done

The day Robert Fauci turned 16, he was given an FC by his grandmother.  Since then, he’s worked his way through five or six different RX-7s, all of them FCs and in either coupe or convertible form.