SP Rides

SP Rides: Simple and Sexy

At a young age, Michael Dalope’s first experience with cars was through his father’s boosted Lancer in the Philippines. It left an indelible impression upon him — so much so that the Lancer Evolution became his dream car.

SP Rides: The Purple Monster

It’s not often that you come across a ride like this 2004 BMW M3.  Known as the ultimate driving machine, the BMW M3 is an icon of the high-performance sports car. However, this wide-bodied purple monster has gone well beyond the expected. It’s pure insanity and Joshua Golden is the man behind the madness.

SP Rides: It’s Always ‘Sunny’ Here

Kalae Sylva’s little brother is named Sunny. He also happens to own a collection of classic Datsuns. He’s also always wanted a Nissan Sunny from Japan. 

SP Rides: In The Passing Lane

Living in Germany is a good way to pick up an appreciation for European stuff. For Cody Schiedler, it introduced him to taking a quick car and making it faster. It was his first taste, in this case it was an Audi A4, which he ended up making track ready — resulting in a Euro addiction that he can’t shake. Enter the TT RS.

SP Rides: Going the Distance

 It’s good to have a goal — for Tommy Heon, one of his current goals is to make an impact in the local import scene. It’s not something he set out to do initially. In fact, this 2013 Subaru BRZ was purchased practically stock for A to B purposes.

SP Rides: Out of the Ordinary

It started with coil-overs.  It must always start with something, but for Aaron Fune that was the trigger.  It’s hard to imagine a stock 2003 Infiniti G35 when you feast your eyes on this incredible ride. It’s no ordinary G.

SP Rides: Built For Attention

More than a year ago, the ride on this week’s StreetPulse was nothing but a bare-metal frame that was sitting on the side of Hannibal Puma Jr.’s house.  “Junior” as he’s affectionally known, is recognized for his love of lowriding and has been featured previously.

SP Rides: Just the Beginning

The Honda Civic Si — for a time, the Honda Civic was “the car” in the import industry. It practically led the charge during the early Fast and Furious days.

SP Rides: Rising Sun

Alfred Cancino was born in the Philippines, but he’s recently moved here in pursuit of a better life and more opportunities. More opportunity in the way of hard work and although his day job is working at the hospital, his passion lies in his homespun business, Enzo Autowrap, which began in the Philippines.

SP Rides: A Ride Revitalized

Ichido means ”once more” and it’s a commonly used phrase by Ivan Santos, who just so happens to teach tennis to young kids. He uses it because it sounds a bit different from the standard expression in English. It stands out, and therefore, the phrase means a bit more for his students. In a nutshell, that’s what this 2012 Mazda 3 is all about.