SP Rides

SP Rides: The Black Pearl

I’ve had the privilege of photographing a Type R before. They are amazing machines. Pure exhilaration is the best way to describe this high revving, naturally aspirated 1.8-liter wonder. The Type R was a legend in the 1990s. It’s even more so today in the world of electronic steering — the carnal nature of this feedback is a delight to the senses. This 2001 Acura Type R was Ernesto Baltazar Jr.’s holy grail.

SP Rides: Form Over Function

If there’s anything that I’ve learned since photographing vehicles of every make and model for the past eight years, it’s that people like what they like. Everyone has their own taste or style and what’s most important is being true to yourself.  This is quite possibly the most stanced car that’s ever been on the cover of Street Pulse. It’s wild. It’s different.

SP Rides: Dynamic Duo: The Blue Mango

In the last issue, we covered the first vehicle of the affectionately named “Dynamic Duo.” Now, let’s talk about the other which is this 1973 Toyota Corolla SR, also known as The Blue Mango. Built by master craftsman Robby Chipley and Billy Ogami, this incredible beauty is of the same ilk and breed, but is undoubtedly highly prized in a world full of mangos.”

SP Rides: Dynamic Duo: The Red Mango

The 1974 Corolla E20 (or the TE27 as it’s known in Japan) is affectionately known as a “mango” thanks to the shape of its rear end. Robby Chipley, also known as “The Frameman,” is a huge fan of them. So much so that he’s been featured in Street Pulse previously for his work.

SP Rides: Legendary Status

The Honda NSX is a marvel of engineering and a legend in its own right. It’s long considered Japan’s first supercar and originated during a time when the biggest names were Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche.  The NSX was Japan’s first entry to the worldwide stage of exotic performance. Some would say it’s still yet to be matched for it’s sure brilliance.

SP Rides: Building the Dream

Zamie Budollo, age 26, is the owner of this sleeper — an incredibly clean 1998 Honda Civic DX that could blow the doors off many an unsuspecting competitor.  Born in the Philippines, he was already a fan of Hondas, which happened to be very popular in the local scene there, only 30 minutes away from Manila. Now firmly established in Hawaii, he’s a part of Team Elusive (Chapter 2) and has already made a mark in Hawaii.

SP Rides: Sultry and Sophisticated

It’s been awhile since I’d seen Jonathan Natividad. The last time was on track at the Super Lap Series where he was busting out times in his Subaru STi at Hawaii Raceway Park. But of course, that was awhile back. Times change, and now along for the ride is his significant other, Malerie Ibarra.

SP Rides: Adding American Muscle

Gavin Dixon has been a long-time fan of the lifted truck scene. He’s owned quite a few lifted examples and even uses one as a daily driver.  It wasn’t until a friend, Steven Bolosan, rolled up in an LS1-powered 240 that his interest in sports cars piqued.

SP Rides: The Blue Devil

Raised in Waipahu, Benjamin Mamuad’s first experience with cars was when he was 16 years old. All of his friends were rolling in Challengers, Chargers — you name it, the scene was pumping.

SP Rides: Four Doors with the Works

Although this isn’t Jaxiel Batista’s first modded vehicle, it quite simply is the one with the works. Quite fitting considering this is a Subaru WRX STi, one of the most powerful four door vehicles on the market.