SP Rides

SP Rides: Stick To Your Own Path

This 2002 Subaru WRX, owned by Matthew Young, has been graphically overhauled in the Itasha- (decorating car exteriors with fictional anime — and the like — characters) style and the end result is an absolute visual feast for the eyes.

SP Rides: On the ‘Right’ Track

Since the late ‘90s, the Skyline has been known as the stuff of dreams thanks to games such as Gran Turismo. For Darion Rotolo, importing this JDM spec Skyline GTS-T was a chance to be both unique and different. And thanks to a 25-year grandfather clause, he was able to do just that.

SP Rides: Locked and Loaded

Dylan Nakashima became an import enthusiast in 2006 starting off with a Honda Accord. He spent the next few years working his way through fifteen other rides.

SP Rides: Living In A New Light

Christopher S is a first-time car enthusiast. While he may be in the prime of his life, he is what you would call a late bloomer. Although he grew up loving lowriders and cool cars like most of us enthusiasts, Christopher had other priorities in life, such as his family.

SP Rides: Deep Blue Impact

One of the most amazing things about cars is their perpetual state of evolution. Whether it’s a new owner or the same, a ride may take on a new life and a whole new look at any time. Realistically, a vehicle may last forever as long as it’s taken care of and maintained. Owned by Kurt Kajioka, this 1999 Audi A4 is the perfect example.

SP Rides: The Ultimate Showstopper

There’s nothing subtle about this twin-turbo, banzai blue bomber. Owned by Brandon Haleamau, this incredible 2004 Nissan 350Z is an unstoppable force when it comes to the import enthusiast scene.

SP Rides: Audacious Attraction

Like a lot of car enthusiasts, Shane Placke started off with a basic, reliable Honda. It was your every day economical, point-A-to-B car that was super modifiable. He’s come a long way since then having made the slow switch to AWD rides such as the Subaru STi and the Golf R. As he became more accustomed to the higher end feel of European build quality, he opted for something a bit rarer and a little faster.

SP Rides: Doing It Right In White

Born and raised in Hilo, Ricky Jordan’s first taste of cars was a Honda CRX owned and driven hard by his father. With so much room to play, it was quite common to open up the taps everywhere they went. Unfortunately, the Honda was t-boned resulting in its sad demise. However, this left an impression upon Ricky who decided that one day, he’d build a car just like his father.

SP Rides: The Nightstalker

While sixteen, growing up in New Jersey, Ruben Torres led a truly fast and furious life.

SP Rides: Hyped On Speed

While moving back and forth from New Mexico to Hawaii, Anguiano transitioned to four wheels and stepped into an ’88 MR2. Over time, he’d learn his skills building and modifying three of these small, boxy yet nimble cars. So much so, his last version was sporting 640HP — which is a bit insane.