SP Rides

SP Rides: Out In Full Force

At twenty years of age, Justin Moosang hasn’t had a ton of rides. His previous ride was an Acura TSX which was more of a luxury ride than a straight performer. However, his father has been a huge Subaru fan for most of his life, having owned a 2006 STi since its initial release — so the roots grow strong.

SP Rides: A Revving Revival

This incredible build came about by one of the most unfortunate accidents. There’s nothing worse than fate rearing its ugly head and wrecking your pride and joy in a blaze of sheared metal and seat-grabbing terror.

SP Rides: A Wild Electric Dream

If there’s one thing that cars do, it’s bring people together. And Tran’s BRZ did just that. His ride wasn’t built by a shop; it was built with blood, sweat and tears from three friends with a mutual obsession for modifying.

SP Rides: The Import Babe With The 350Z

Shanda May is already known as one of the sexiest models in the import scene today. With more than 81,000 Instagram followers she’s definitely not your average local girl — although she’s very Hawaiian at heart.

SP Rides: Hell of a Hot Hatch

There’s something about the affordable yet sporty package you get when you combine a small, economical vehicle with the lusty engine growl of modified performance. Not to mention that they look incredible, too. With such appealing attributes, maybe that’s why Donovan Coloma loves his 2014 Ford Focus ST.

SP Rides: An Evolving Set of Wheels

As a teen, Silkert had his first taste of the import world through watching the original Fast & Furious — which is known for opening up the import enthusiast world to a wider audience. Once Silkert saw the insane lime-green Mitsubishi Evolution racing around in the movie, he became smitten with this speedy Japanese car.

SP Rides: The Stunning Skyline

This sleek and sexy yet boxy throwback to the 80s is a real right-hand drive Skyline — and although we’ve featured cars from its incredible lineage such as the legendary Hakosuka, R32 and R35, the DR30 represents a true milestone in the Skyline timeline.

SP Rides: One Serious S2000

What happens when you take a 2,800-pound, two-seater roadster and shove 422WHP of turbo goodness into it? You get scared — that’s what. But then, you want more.

SP Rides: Dare To Be Different

Mark Ian Valerio Aquino was introduced to the Toyota X-Runner line of trucks as a kid. His dad’s friend rocked one and the ride left an impression him that was hard to shake.

SP Rides: Special Delivery

As a kid, Bobby Valera would always go to the racetrack with his uncle. These trips would revolve around watching his uncle’s ’91 Civic SI rage down the one-fourth mile.