SP Rides

SP Rides: Still a Sexy Beast

Very few cars get the blood of auto lovers pumping faster than a gorgeous FD3S RX-7 and this 1993 Mazda model, owned by Ryan Kumabe, is the stuff dreams are made of. The vehicle is stunning from any angle, with a design that still feels modern and fresh when the right mods are applied.

SP Rides: The Makings of a Track Star

The Honda Civic is known in import circles as the go-to car for those in the FWD scene. Since 1972, the model has morphed from a fairly basic subcompact to a proven standard for the upscale compact car segment. Although fondly remembered during its heyday (oil crisis of the early ’70s), the model of today is the chosen platform for import enthusiasts.

SP Rides: The Li’l Hustler

The Datsun 620 is a venerable, old school import introduced in 1972 when trucks were just called “pickups” without the fancy number additions. At the time, they were advertised as America’s No. 1-selling small pickup and sweetly marketed as “The Li’l Hustler.”

SP Rides: When Opposites Attract

The Integra Type R is considered by many to be the greatest front-wheel-drive automobile ever. Produced in a limited-production run of fewer than 4,000 units (1997-2001) for the U.S. domestic market, the Acura-badged ITR is truly a legendary import icon. Featuring VTEC and an 8,500 rpm limit, this is the ultimate screaming joy ride.

SP Rides: The Birth of a Legend

BY MICHAEL KITCHENS Name: Dean Pang Occupation: CIO Hobbies: Cars Year/Make/Model: 1971 Nissan Skyline Hakosuka GT-R Color: Custom Blue Pearl Metallica  (Exterior), White with Chameleon Pearl (engine bay) Engine: L28 In-Line 6 Nissan Engine, Factory A/C, JDM – Triple Mikuni Carburetors, Fujitsubo’s Custom Headers and Exhaust System, Custom Neo Chrome-Titanium (Valve Cover, Heat Shield, Titanium […]

SP Rides: Not Your Daddy’s Pickup Truck

For decades, the Chevrolet C series line of trucks was known as GMC’s workhorse. Introduced in 1960, the series featured full-size RWD taskmasters that ranged in tonnage and were designed for different workloads.

SP Rides: It’s Automatic for this ‘Pnumatik’

The Porsche Panamera is somewhat of an oddity — a luxury four-door mixed with the heritage of Porsche’s sports car heritage. It’s not light by any means, tipping the scale at a robust 4,000 pounds, and is full of creature comforts, a stark contrast from the traditional territory that Porsche usually inhabits.

SP Rides: Slammed and Satisfied

Eric Lavoie has two passions in life: car tuning and basketball. So when he tells you that he expects to do big things with his 1997 Mazda Miata — his first true modified ride — he’s essentially making you a slam-dunk guarantee.

SP Rides: For the Love of Lowriding

Count Alton Shima among the fortunate to have checked off the 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS, a classic among lowrider fans, from his bucket list some time ago.

SP Rides: Satisfaction Guaranteed

Alex Ngyuen knows his rides. Since he was 18, Ngyuen has owned a limited selection of modified rides that includes a ’97 Honda Civic and the classic ’89 VW GTi. Over time, he’s garnered an appreciation for the VIP scene and traded it all in for this 2003 Lexus GS300.