SP Rides

SP Rides: Getting it Done

The day Robert Fauci turned 16, he was given an FC by his grandmother.  Since then, he’s worked his way through five or six different RX-7s, all of them FCs and in either coupe or convertible form. 

SP Rides: Making A Mark

Since he was a little kid, Luis Gomez has always wanted a BMW.  Although his first ride was a Cadillac CTS, before he was in his 20’s he was already the proud owner of a BMW 325ci.  It was his first true intro into the world of European luxury cars.

SP Rides: Born To Run

Joshua Lewis was practically born into his love of domestic muscle cars.  Since he was a toddler, he has been immersed in car culture. His father was heavy into Corvettes while he was growing up, attending car meets and ogling over Corvettes.

SP Rides: Battles on Wheels

The Chevrolet Cobalt is a rare vehicle here in the land of the imports.  Although popular in the states, there are very few modified versions in Hawaii. Rob Myers is known for his Cobalt and has battled the scene for something a little different.

SP Rides: A Son of Hawaii

Kenny Kinoshita is a long-time motorcycle riding…dating back to the 90’s, he’s run everything from motorbikes to choppers to his current 2014 Hardly Davidson Street Glide.  Throughout it all, he’s always had a passion for the two-wheeled variety.  This build, however, is something really special…a beautiful tribute to Kānāwai Māmalahoe, otherwise known as the Law of the Splintered Paddle.

SP Rides: Secrets of The Atom

Atom Figueroa grew up in a muscle car family. His father was totally into the car scene back in the 70s and 80s.  As a kid, Atom would listen to the stories his father would tell…about running at Sandy’s and the freedom that time period seemed to represent. 

SP Rides: Lots of Wheelspin!

Trenton Nicol’s first taste of modified goodness was a 350Z, which he absolutely loved. Of course, the Z isn’t exactly a family car and with a baby on the way, the thrill was short lived. And so, enter the Volkswagen Golf, a ride which might seem comparatively sedate, however, underneath its wrapped exterior beats sterner stuff than expected.

SP Rides: Team Family

The gorgeous 1993 Honda Del Sol that you see before you is a testament to the bond that holds a team of automotive enthusiasts together even when they’re missing one of their own. Team Mansu is that family and the missing man is Arcadio “Teddy” Tabuac Anagaran Jr.

SP Rides: Winning The Race Against Time

When you’re an auto enthusiast, your path can wander on your way toward automotive enlightenment. Over time, things change such as your tastes and views on specific looks and parts selection, as well as your finances.

SP Rides: A Stylin’ Speedzter

One thing that is great about being a tuner is taking a canvas and making it your own. Once a factory fresh car is in the hands of an enthusiast, all bets are off, and what was once a blue bomber, can now become a green machine. Case in point: Michael Tengasantos has taken his 2007 Nissan 350z and given it a facelift unlike any another Z on the island.