SP Rides

SP Rides: Z Next Level

Eddie Liaszenik was never really into cars. One day, he just happened to see a Mitsubishi 3000GT at a nearby beach and became instantly enthralled. As soon as he was in the military, he purchased three of them — you could say he was hooked.

SP Rides: Built to win

Ethan Kerfoot isn’t just a fan of wildly modified import cars … he’s a fan of speed, period. And speed is exactly what you get with a nitrous-powered 2012 Yamaha R1. This gorgeous bike is the third part to his trio of performance machines, hand-built in Kerfoot Garage.

SP Rides: Getting it Done

Like many enthusiasts, Garrett Cera, is a fan of more than just one make and model. Introduced to cars at the age of five by his father who had a passion for American muscle.

SP Rides: Writing His Own Story

When it comes to rides, Steve Brian Santiago loves to create “sleepers.” This is where you take something a little more ordinary and turn it into the unexpected. There are many out there who have been left sleeping by assuming more than they could chew.

SP Rides: Something to scream about

Jordan Cardenas and his father, Albert, have always been into Hondas. Whether it’s the family van or their current cruiser, it’s always been a Honda. From an ’88 CRX, to a ‘94 Integra, so and so on until Jordan finally became the proud owner of his 2013 Honda Civic Si. Fun fact, Jordan couldn’t even drive stick … his father had to drive it home!

SP Rides: Traveling At Lightspeed

BMW is known for its combination of luxury and performance. With models such as the legendary M3 and M5, the company has a long and illustrious lineup of incredible cars. Joseph Lydick, owner of this 2000 BMW M5, has come to appreciate these qualities.

SP Rides: The White Knight

After a semi-truck opened up Conkle’s previous ride, this immaculate beauty was purchased as an immediate replacement. Known as the “WHYTE_KNYGHT,” Conkle already had big plans to make the Mustang sound good, drive good, look better and go faster.

SP Rides: It’s So Shiny

Originally from Waipahu, Eldin Tomas has always had a penchant for modifying rides. He’s owned quite a few different makes and models starting with a RWD Astrovan…which was the people carrier for his friends while growing up.

SP Rides: A Beast of a Beauty

Sometimes, there’s a choice to be made when enthusiasts get knee-deep in modifying their ride. One of those people is Keoni Rodrigues, who set out to build a do-it-all monster, but in the end, turned this 1991 Toyota 4Runner into something almost too pretty to ramble in.

SP Rides: Kamakaze Krazy

Since the closure of Hawaii Raceway Park, the Nissan 240SX (aka S13) is less of a focus with many enthusiasts moving on to newer, more recent makes and models. For Michael Murdock, however, the 240SX is still a platform to be enjoyed with a heavy foot.