SP Rides

SP Rides: Experience, Execution, Excellence

The Nissan Z car is a lineage that dates all the way back to 1969. It has always been a sports car and for six generations, it has been one of Nissan’s most recognizable models. For Ginette Oliberos, it was the perfect car to use as the showpiece for her and her husband, Shane.

SP Rides: A Need for Speed

Puna Choo has grown up in a household of car performance enthusiasts ever since he was born — which also was the very day he was introduced to speed. His parents, Steven and Charlene, are diehard automotive aficionados and have previously been featured in Street Pulse.

SP Rides: Massive Heavy Duty

Having been born in Florida, Jim Barnes grew up loving monster trucks.

SP Rides: B is for Brabus

Justin Lam is no stranger to performance machines. He grew up loving Hondas alongside his high school buddies while also being known for his blazing fast Ducati addiction.

SP Rides: Dreaming Big, Kamakaze-Style

Few may realize it now, but in the early 2000s, Oahu was known for putting drifting on the map. The legendary Drift Session, formerly held at the now-defunct Hawaii Raceway Park, was instrumental in creating some of the best drifters, many of whom have went on to bigger fame while competing on the mainland.

SP Rides: La Otra

Over the years, Samuel Valdez has owned over sixteen cars — which you could consider quite a bit for someone who is only 28 years old. “Only about three of them were any good. The rest would break down, so I’d buy another,” said Valdez.

SP Rides: Purple Pleasure

Frederick Hall woke up one day bored, joined the military, and with the proceeds, bought a 2006 Infiniti G35. Granted, that wasn’t all in one year, but it’s essentially what happened. His first duty station happened to be Schofield Barracks and as a young military man, getting around can be a little difficult without a ride.

SP Rides: Z Next Level

Eddie Liaszenik was never really into cars. One day, he just happened to see a Mitsubishi 3000GT at a nearby beach and became instantly enthralled. As soon as he was in the military, he purchased three of them — you could say he was hooked.

SP Rides: Built to win

Ethan Kerfoot isn’t just a fan of wildly modified import cars … he’s a fan of speed, period. And speed is exactly what you get with a nitrous-powered 2012 Yamaha R1. This gorgeous bike is the third part to his trio of performance machines, hand-built in Kerfoot Garage.

SP Rides: Getting it Done

Like many enthusiasts, Garrett Cera, is a fan of more than just one make and model. Introduced to cars at the age of five by his father who had a passion for American muscle.