SP Rides

SP Rides: Special Delivery

As a kid, Bobby Valera would always go to the racetrack with his uncle. These trips would revolve around watching his uncle’s ’91 Civic SI rage down the one-fourth mile.

SP Rides: A Constant Canvas

Cars can be considered works of art in many ways and even more so when one is an actual canvas for painting. London Fee of Dip Hawaii is known for his visually stimulating airbrush car art that have been featured several times in previous editions of Street Pulse.

SP Rides: Seriously Envious

The first-generation Honda S2000, aka the AP1, is considered one of the best handling roadsters ever created. For Jarred Sagadraca, it’s his dream car. He’s taken this bone-stock ‘00 S2000 from a being “Plain Jane” to being a ride of serious envy.

SP Rides: Forever is Forever

For the Rodrigues brothers, their 1994 Chevrolet Silverado it does it all — from hauling and carrying dirt bikes, to towing drift cars, this truck can be used for everything; you name it!

SP Rides: A Cougar On The Prowl

For its time, this 1970 Mercury Cougar was quite the machine with plenty of power and performance to offer. Fast forward forty-seven years to 2017, and Andrew Partika has melded the gorgeous exterior with modern advancements for a truly incredible mixed plate of automotive goodness.

SP Rides: Mazda Madness

Christopher Selga grew up in a family of hot rod lovers in Ewa Beach. He purchased his first ride, a 1992 Honda Civic Si, while still a senior in high school. Despite his family of car-enthusiasts, this ’92 Honda was Selga’s first foray into the world of automotive enthusiasm.

SP Rides: Low Ride, High Beginnings

There are certain families out there that revolve around the automotive world. For Geoffrey Grace, his family has been involved in the truck industry for decades through their businesses, and Grace now is in the business himself as a tow truck driver for Pinky Tows.

SP Rides: Hard in the Paint

Many times, most people enjoy looking at cars and bikes. There’s something about a polished, gorgeous example of automotive art that brings a smile to on-lookers’ lips.

SP Rides: Because Racecar!

A racecar, is in all accounts, a constantly evolving machine dedicated the pursuit of speed. Whether that’s competing neck and neck in a heated battle for track supremacy or shaving tenths off of a second in a timed lap. In a nutshell, “Because racecar” spells out everything you need to know when it comes to Cory Tomoyasu’s 1991 Mazda Miata.

SP Rides: Experience, Execution, Excellence

The Nissan Z car is a lineage that dates all the way back to 1969. It has always been a sports car and for six generations, it has been one of Nissan’s most recognizable models. For Ginette Oliberos, it was the perfect car to use as the showpiece for her and her husband, Shane.