SP Rides

SP Rides: A Beast of a Beauty

Sometimes, there’s a choice to be made when enthusiasts get knee-deep in modifying their ride. One of those people is Keoni Rodrigues, who set out to build a do-it-all monster, but in the end, turned this 1991 Toyota 4Runner into something almost too pretty to ramble in.

SP Rides: Kamakaze Krazy

Since the closure of Hawaii Raceway Park, the Nissan 240SX (aka S13) is less of a focus with many enthusiasts moving on to newer, more recent makes and models. For Michael Murdock, however, the 240SX is still a platform to be enjoyed with a heavy foot.

SP Rides: Foreign beauty turns heads

In 2014, the R32 Nissan Skyline became eligible for legal importation to the United States. At that moment, thousands of import enthusiasts cried out in joy as the dream of owning one became a possibility. Giovanni Aguada is one such enthusiast and being a fan of drifting, he opted for the RWD GTS-T model when the opportunity arose.

SP Rides: The Loud, Proud Rocket

The sixth-generation Honda Civic is probably one of the most well known cars on the planet. It’s certainly one of the most popular vehicles around and has been since 1997, when Honda rolled the compact beauty off its production line. And yet, Shawn Stillman has found reason to alter things — the result of which is one heck of a red rocket.

SP Rides: Z Way To A Great Ride

The return of the Nissan Z was a big thing back in summer 2002. The model had sat dormant for five years and with the introduction of the 350Z, a new model was born and ready for battle testing among car enthusiasts.

SP Rides: A Mean, Lean, Clean Machine

The Honda Accord, a stalwart competitor in the import market, is recognized as one of the most reliable and best-selling cars ever made. Since its debut in 1976, this model has morphed from a basic compact to a full-size luxury vehicle.

SP Rides: Still a Sexy Beast

Very few cars get the blood of auto lovers pumping faster than a gorgeous FD3S RX-7 and this 1993 Mazda model, owned by Ryan Kumabe, is the stuff dreams are made of. The vehicle is stunning from any angle, with a design that still feels modern and fresh when the right mods are applied.

SP Rides: The Makings of a Track Star

The Honda Civic is known in import circles as the go-to car for those in the FWD scene. Since 1972, the model has morphed from a fairly basic subcompact to a proven standard for the upscale compact car segment. Although fondly remembered during its heyday (oil crisis of the early ’70s), the model of today is the chosen platform for import enthusiasts.

SP Rides: The Li’l Hustler

The Datsun 620 is a venerable, old school import introduced in 1972 when trucks were just called “pickups” without the fancy number additions. At the time, they were advertised as America’s No. 1-selling small pickup and sweetly marketed as “The Li’l Hustler.”

SP Rides: When Opposites Attract

The Integra Type R is considered by many to be the greatest front-wheel-drive automobile ever. Produced in a limited-production run of fewer than 4,000 units (1997-2001) for the U.S. domestic market, the Acura-badged ITR is truly a legendary import icon. Featuring VTEC and an 8,500 rpm limit, this is the ultimate screaming joy ride.