SP Rides

SP Rides: Delicious Venom

Jared Wilkin’s first car happened to be a modified 350z, but that’s no longer his ride of choice. Upon being deployed to Germany, the Z was forced to stay behind, necessitating a change of pace for him while on-station.

SP Rides: Looking ‘presidential’

Ryan Pasion has been on the scene for a while. He’s done everything from drag racing to VIP when it comes to his rides. In fact, most would probably expect him to build a Honda to tear up the track. With no track currently, however — what do you do? You enjoy everything in the lap of luxury.  And that’s what Pasion is rolling with — straight luxury.

SP Rides: In His Element

Not every vehicle is a show queen. Sometimes, what you’re looking for is a daily driver — a commuter that’s comfortable that not only looks nice but also gets the job done. This modified 2006 Honda Element hit the spot for Bobby Valera.

SP Rides: The Green Goblin

No Sometimes things happen — that end up making things worse, but for the better. Ryan Kanuch, owner of this 2008 BMW 135i, fell into being a euro enthusiast after purchasing a used Audi. He needed new motor mounts but as a new private in the U.S. Army he couldn’t afford to pay anyone to do the job. After lacing up his boots, and diving in, Kanuch just did it himself.

SP Rides: King of the Ranch

No matter what you’re driving, you’d be amazed at what you can do to modify it to your own personal taste. Take this Ford F-150 King Ranch, owned by Wilbur DeShields II. Although this is his first truck, it’s incredible what he’s done with it.

SP Rides: Just a Little Bit Different

Masa Cabalar has been tinkering with cars since he was 14 and his first car was a 1974 Toyota Celica.  Bugs, mini-trucks and 4-by-4s were soon to follow. However, at this point in his life, he’s always wanted a V8.  One that has air conditioning, one that you can drive every day without fixing it, and one that his wife, Nadine, could enjoy as well.

SP Rides: The Slayer

Washington is only 25 years old and was a former import fan, having a modified Mazdaspeed3. Of course, one test drive in this Camaro and the feeling of ultimate power scratched an itch he never knew he had. He loves the fact that the car has so much potential — drag racing, road racing, even autocrossing — the car can do whatever you want it to. However, since the swap, he’s upped the ante by modifying the already impressive Camaro into a night hunter.

SP Rides: Forever Blessed

From the beginning, John Gatchalian has been a fan of the Civic. Like David vs. Goliath, this small, affordable car takes on its much larger domestic competitors. Thanks to its extreme aftermarket and performance potential, the Civic just feels good to John.

SP Rides: Classic Coupe Done Right

Rodney Gouveia has always wanted to build a classic hot rod.  He’s always been into racing and racecars.  As his two sons got older, he ended up spending more time building the machines and watching them participate.  When the racetrack closed, there was no place left to do any racing, so the opportunity presented itself to take on that challenge he’s always wanted.

SP Rides: Youthful Enthusiasm

It’s incredible that the 1990s-era Honda Civic is still making enthusiasts out of our youth. It makes total sense. It’s incredibly affordable, has probably one of the largest aftermarkets out there, and the parts are easily interchangeable between models.