SP Rides

SP Rides: All The Right Angles

Back in the 1960s, as a child, Junior Alimoot would play football in the middle of the street in his neighborhood. On occasion, he’d egg on his neighbor to bring out his Ford Anglia and do some burnouts for him and his friends. 

SP Rides: Clean and Simple

Anthony Thipphavong is an import enthusiast. It just so happens he became a Nissan enthusiast by way of calamity. Thipphavong was once the proud owner of a limited-edition Mazda Miata that just so happened to float away one day.

SP Rides: Sweet European Style

Dominic Chiavacci has a true love for the European. The admiration was practically handed down to him by his genetics. His father enjoyed BMWs and his uncle owned an auto service shop dedicated to building Volkswagens.

SP Rides: Built For Show and Go

Mercedes-Benz AMG has a reputation for luxurious quality. The Bi-Turbo AMG C 63 is also known for its 469 horsepower, 180 mph fire-snorting performance.  Karriem Folger, however, wasn’t satisfied and wanted more for this 2019 model.

SP Rides: Up to the Lightning ‘Challenge’

This is probably one of the most photographed rides on Oahu right now. How could you even miss it? For Cars fans, this is the ultimate mod as it’s quite literally Lightning McQueen in physical form — straight out of a Pixar film.

SP Rides: The Fire-Breathing Dadvan

It’s not often that you see a fire-snorting, pavement melting 1,000-plus wheel horsepower (WHP) street car roaming the mean streets of Oahu. It’s even rarer when the ride in question happens to be a van.

SP Rides: Delicious Venom

Jared Wilkin’s first car happened to be a modified 350z, but that’s no longer his ride of choice. Upon being deployed to Germany, the Z was forced to stay behind, necessitating a change of pace for him while on-station.

SP Rides: Looking ‘presidential’

Ryan Pasion has been on the scene for a while. He’s done everything from drag racing to VIP when it comes to his rides. In fact, most would probably expect him to build a Honda to tear up the track. With no track currently, however — what do you do? You enjoy everything in the lap of luxury.  And that’s what Pasion is rolling with — straight luxury.

SP Rides: In His Element

Not every vehicle is a show queen. Sometimes, what you’re looking for is a daily driver — a commuter that’s comfortable that not only looks nice but also gets the job done. This modified 2006 Honda Element hit the spot for Bobby Valera.

SP Rides: The Green Goblin

No Sometimes things happen — that end up making things worse, but for the better. Ryan Kanuch, owner of this 2008 BMW 135i, fell into being a euro enthusiast after purchasing a used Audi. He needed new motor mounts but as a new private in the U.S. Army he couldn’t afford to pay anyone to do the job. After lacing up his boots, and diving in, Kanuch just did it himself.